Wanted by ICY BOX: the Penalty King 2008

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Wanted by ICY BOX: the Penalty King 2008 ICY BOX 2008 Soccer Cup: online competition with lots of precious prizes; value more than 10,000 Euro – daily from June 9 to June 29 –… Go To Full Article

Audi Q5 to boast NVIDIA-powered interface

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Audi's next-gen Multi-Media Interface (MMI) technology will debut in the new Audi Q5 compact crossover arriving later this year. Built by Harmon/Becker Automotive Systems, it is reportedly going to set benchmarks for automotive navigation, communication, and wide-screen entertainment. Go To Full Article

AMD X3 and X4 Overclocking Ace Up Its Sleeve?

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AMD has pulled a rabbit out of its hat to increase the performance of its existing Phenom triple-core (8000-series) and quad-core (9000-series) processors. Six "hidden pins" on the processors and chipsets are the secret, which, our sources told us, will… Go To Full Article

Double HDD Rack eSATA and USB

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We have in our hands now the latest version with double HDD! So performance later changed nothing (apart from a USB where the flow is shared between the two HDD), since everyone has taken its e-sata (attention that your machine… Go To Full Article

Intel preps $45 SSD

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WITH MOST OF THE market looking onwards towards the newly-released platforms like Intel’s Atom, Nvidia’s Tegra and Via’s Nano – details on supporting hardware have been scarce. Scarce, that is, until Intel announced its Z-P230 PATA drives,… Go To Full Article

OCZ does 3GB memory kits

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OCZ has them in DIMMs and SO-DIMMs for the 32-bit OS upgrade market. Windows has a broken memory model, and can't see more than 3GB (technically a hair more), so OCZ is filling that niche. No more RMAs with "1GB… Go To Full Article

IBM cools 3D chips with integrated water channels

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Why cool semiconductors with liquid on the surface when you can run water right through them? IBM believes that “tiny rivers of water” within stacked chips may not only advance Moore’s Law, but also pave the way to “green data… Go To Full Article

Cloaking Device Concept Moves Beyond Theory

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The concept of a superlens cloak is a long way from a workable device, but the integrity of the mathematical concept has sent some experimentalists into the laboratory to try and turn the theory into reality. So far, the groups… Go To Full Article

Nehalem cooler pictured

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This isn’t the upcoming Intel retail box cooler, although it does look similar in terms of construction. We’ll leave the manufacturer out of the picture for now, just in case the picture would upset Intel, but it’s a fairly well-known… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon 48x0 to launch on the 25th June

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There might be some ATI activities before that date, but the official launch with retail availability will indeed be the 25th of this month. Nvidia should be launching on Tuesday, the 17th of June, assuming the retail availability of both… Go To Full Article

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