ECS NF650iSLIT-A Motherboard Review

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Our friends at ECS are back with a performance board for the more budget conscious users. Based on NVIDIA's 650i chipset, the ECS NF650iSLIT-A offers much of the performance of its 680i brothers but with fewer tweaking… Go To Full Article

HP pre-announces Intel Tigertons

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SERVER GIANT Hewlett Packard has published a PDF showing the performance of a four way server from HP with Xeon 7300 CPUs. These are Intel's "Tigertons", and haven't officially been announced yet. Go To Full Article

The fun never ends: another Dell up in flames

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Every time we think we've had our fill of these, somebody goes and one-ups the competition with a Dell-fueled inferno of doom. Apparently this one is coming at us from Shanghai, and while we're not sure what anyone is saying… Go To Full Article

Logitech intros MX5500 keyboard / mouse combo

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Those looking for a matching keyboard and mouse set now have yet another option from Logitech, which today busted out its new MX5500 combo. This one includes the company's existing MX Revolution laser mouse with its speedy metal scroll wheel,… Go To Full Article

Dell's New 20" LCD Display Features HDCP, Built-in Webcam

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Dell is one of those company's lots of people love or hate. They put out lots of high tech devices at good prices that make your average consumer happy. Then when stuff goes wrong with their gear they have some… Go To Full Article

A New Kind of Home Computer: Windows Home Server Preview

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But home users don't need the same kind of server that business users need. Home users won't be running or need to be running their own SQL server or email server, but what about centralizing the location of everyone's media… Go To Full Article

EVGA 680i SLI Black Pearl Motherboard Review

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Nearly a year ago NVIDIA and EVGA released their 680i SLI motherboards. The 680i SLI proved its worth and has become one of the premiere choices for enthusiasts and gamers. EVGA has re-released the same board with a slew of… Go To Full Article

ATI R630 GPU spotted in major professional 3D attack

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FireGL V3600 is an entry-level card based on the RV630 GPU, also known as the chip that powers HD2600, in a version with 256MB of DDR3 memory. Given the 128-bit controller and the memory clock of 500MHz DDR (1 GHz),… Go To Full Article

ClearSpeed sets its sights on the final frontier

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Longtime Ars readers will recall that ClearSpeed Technology came out of the gate back in 2003 with a ton of hype behind it when the company announced a many-core prototype chip that could do 25.6 GFLOPS on 2W. That was… Go To Full Article

Can CPUs Make PCs Faster & Quieter?

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The background noise level we measured in a tightly-sealed closet set the baseline for our numbers at 31.7 dBA. According to the preceding scale, we were only able to achieve sound levels at the lower end of the typical PC… Go To Full Article

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