Sirtec HPC-560W PSU

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This PSU is an interesting product: aesthetically it’s very nice, with a cool blue light, and implements some other interesting features. On the back side there is a wattmeter, useful to check the consumption of the PC, but we think… Go To Full Article

CoolerMaster HyperTX CPU Cooler

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CPU Heatsinks need to do one thing... cool. And they must do that well, else face the wrath of enthusiasts. CoolerMaster has been playing in the enthusiast space for many years, and has a good grasp on the pulse of… Go To Full Article

Futuremark launches 3DMark Texture Competition

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Have you ever dreamt of being part of the team who creates the wonderful graphics for the world-famous 3DMark series? Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have YOUR name in the credits of 3DMark? Well now is… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master RC-690

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The Cooler Master RC-690 is their newest mainstream case. It combines the benefits of great aircooling, screwless design and compatiblilty with large graphic cards with solid steel construction. All this comes at a very affordable price point. The case can… Go To Full Article

MSI X38 Diamond Preview

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With the X38 range of motherboards beginning to hit the market, the previews are coming thick and fast. I managed to get hold of MSI's first X38 board; the Diamond. This is a pre-release model with some changes still to… Go To Full Article

Revoltec Rhodium Chassis

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The majority of Revoltec products consist of trendy looking cables, fans, input devices and USB peripherals. They are still not one of the most well known companies on the planet, but they are well respected by enthusiasts throughout Europe. Although… Go To Full Article

A Look Inside Corsair's HX620W Power Supply

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Corsair has been known among PC enthusiasts as one of the best suppliers of high performance memory products for many years. Many companies are starting to broaden their product lines to include their own brands of power supplies, cases, and… Go To Full Article

Mobile Platform Wars: AMD vs. Intel

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AMD has fallen on some hard times, dating back to the launch of Intel's Core 2 lineup. Many enthusiasts were hoping that the launch of Barcelona would mark the return of yesterday's AMD, where the K8 architecture basically scored a… Go To Full Article

Hitachi Develops 100GB Blu-ray Disc Compatible With Existing Drives

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Throughout the life of the format, DVD has been primarily limited to at most two layers, keeping the format at a maximum storage space of under 9GB. The new high-definition formats, however, appear to have taken a page from hard… Go To Full Article

ATI HD2900 GT not as cheap as expected

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A few days ago Club3D announced its HD 2900 GT with 256MB of GDDR3, and in the past couple of days several European retailers have listed them. Prices range from €184 to €190 in Europe, and, of course, it's not… Go To Full Article

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