Intel Pentium Dual Core E6300 incoming

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Intel plans to introduce a new CPU, which is a blend between E5x00 and E6x00 generations and this Pentium dual core CPU will be branded as E6300. This new CPU will run at 2.8GHz, which is 100MHz faster than the… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 4890 uses 30W less at idle than HD 4870

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The new RV790 chip is a 55nm chip and it looks like we are talking about slightly modified and improved version of RV770 55nm chip. We already wrote that it has a different packaging and at least one pin difference.… Go To Full Article

Windows 7 series: NVIDIA and AMD Graphics and Gaming Performance

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As I mentioned on the one of the first pages of this article (that was a LOONG time ago...) the only fair comparison for looking at pure Vista versus Windows 7 gaming results is with AMD's graphics cards and their… Go To Full Article

Japanese Company Intros PCIe card with 1Gb SSD, 700Mb/s Write

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G-Monster-PCIe The new G-Monster-PCIe SSD is a storage device that connects to an x8 PCIe slot and offers max. 1 terabyte of storage… Go To Full Article

GPU-Z 0.3.3 adds support for HD 4750, HD 4770, HD 4890 and GTX 275

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* Added support for RV740 (HD 4750, HD 4770) and RV790 (HD 4890) * Fixed G98 shader count * Fixed GT200 process size calculation * Added support for GTX 275 Go To Full Article

OCZ 2x1Gb PC3-10666 DDR3 Sticks at Newegg for only $24

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Original Price: $53.99 You Save: $10.00 $43.99 ($23.99 after $20.00 Mail-In Rebate Go To Full Article

MSI R4870 MD1G Video Card Review

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Today, we know that the MSI R4870 MD1G is a solid performer with an efficient and quiet cooling device, and it comes in at a price that is easy to swallow. In short, it is a good value. If the… Go To Full Article

10-Way Chieftec Power Supply Units Roundup

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In our today‚Äôs roundup we would like to talk about power supply units from Chieftec. We will discuss the features and performance of 10 models ranging from 400W to 1200W. Go To Full Article

ATI HD 4890 Launches Next Week! April 2nd

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It looks like ATI pulled a big coup over Nvidia with its Radeon 4890 - the card now launches two weeks ahead of its competitor, GeForce GTX 275. According to our sources, ATI decided to start second quarter of this… Go To Full Article

Windows XP SP4 indirectly confirmed

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April 14, 2009, which is Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Home, Windows Server 2003 SP1, Office 2003 Ending days of mainstream support, Microsoft will be free after the release security patches for them. Windows XP Professional将持续到2014年4月8日,Office 2003则只到2012年8月4日为止。 If users want… Go To Full Article

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