AMD gets go-ahead for €262 million Dresden grant

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THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION said it's all right for Germany to lend AMD €262 million to help it brings its Dresden fab up to scratch. While €262 million sounds like a lot of dosh, the price of the fab will be… Go To Full Article

ASRock ALiveNF5-eSATA2+ ATX Motherboard Review

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ASRock has been gaining recognition in the motherboard market with quality budget boards that are very stable. A few months back, I reviewed the ASRock ALiveNF6G-DVI which had some decent overclocking ability to it. This time around, I'm going to… Go To Full Article

Biostar Sigma-Gate VR8603TS21 GeForce 8600GTS Video card Review

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The videocard itself was plain jane, but it's Sigma-Gate overclocking software was very unique. Arguably the most versatile videocard overclocking utility from a vendor, Biostar's Sigma-Gate and V-Ranger software allowed us to push that videocard to its max. Literally. The… Go To Full Article

Logisys Dual Heatpipe VGA Cooler Review

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All in all, the installation of the Logisys cooler was a bit tedious and a bit messy with the thermal grease. The memory modules had really frustrating adhesive tape and two of them actually fell off! This was due to… Go To Full Article

Thermalright V2 VGA Cooler Review

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Thermalright has earned their legendary status in the cooling arena and with the V2, they have proven once again that they mean business. Not only is this heatsink the picture of quality and precision but it works very well without… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Cosmos 1000 Enclosure Review

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Overall I can find just one thing I disliked about the Cosmos 1000 and that would be the weight of the enclosure. I would have loved to have seen Cooler Master make this case out of 100% aluminum rather than… Go To Full Article

CoolIT Systems RAM Fan and PCI Cooling Booster Review

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The list of features and specifications for these two CoolIT Systems products make claims that testing has proven to be on the money (for the most part). Both the RAM Fan and the PCI Cooling Booster provide effective cooling for… Go To Full Article

Gainward Bliss 8800 Ultra Video Card Review

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The 8800 Ultra is a top-of-the-line, top dollar graphics card and you get what you pay for. If you want blistering performance and bleeding edge graphics and have the screen resolution to take advantage of that then the 8800 Ultra… Go To Full Article

Madshrimps gives away four Ultra Power Supplies

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We are proud to announce this give-away of 4 power supplies from Ultra products. Three lucky US/Canada readers get a chance to win a 600W Energy Efficient unit, while an European readers get to take home one 1000W X3 model.… Go To Full Article

OCZ overclocks latest PC3-12800 EB kit to 2000Mhz

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Let the screenshot do all the talking, testing done by Tony "Bigtoe" from OCZ

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