ATI Radeon HD 5770 Review - Powercolor and HIS Cards Compared

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Perhaps we were expecting too much, but the Radeon HD 5770 was a little underwhelming in our books. Where performance is concerned, we expected it to be positioned in between the Radeon HD 4890 and HD 4870, but our tests… Go To Full Article

MSI Afterburner v.1.2.0 Tools Adds HD 5870/5850 Support to Overvolt!

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- Add voltage adjustment of ATI Radeon HD 5870 and 5850 - Added NVIDIA G 210 and GT 240 series graphics cards support - Added voltage control for custom design MSI N220GT and N240GT series graphics cards with… Go To Full Article

The Dark Side of the Cloud: Sidekick Customers Lose All Their Data

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Cloud computing is one of the hottest buzz words in the computer industry today. All of the biggest companies -- Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Yahoo -- are trying to jump on it and figure out how to sell it to customers.… Go To Full Article

ECS comes up with passively-cooled GeForce GT 220/210

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ECS has now introduced five new low-end graphics cards, four GeForce GT 220s - two of which have a passive cooler and a fanless G210. First up we have the 512 MB and 1GB active-cooled GT 220s, which have 512/1024MB… Go To Full Article

MSI rolls out GeForce GT 220 and 210 cards too

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Taiwanese board builder MSI has stepped up to announce its own line of 40nm GeForce 200 series cards which, for starters, includes six models - the N210-MD512H (GeForce 210), N220GT-MD512, N220GT-MD1G/N220GT-MD1G OC and N220GT-MD1G/D3/N220GT-MD1G-OC/D3 (GeForce GT 220). … Go To Full Article

Zotac releasing four GeForce GT 220 and 210 cards

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Just likes its competitors, Zotac has today revealed a number of low-end cards based on the 40nm-built GT128 and GT216 GPUs. To not beat around the bush, we have four Zotac cards coming up, three of which are GeForce GT… Go To Full Article

Leadtek builds six GeForce GT 220 and G210 cards

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Long-time Nvidia buddy, Leadtek has now announced the GT218 and GT126-based cards it will be invading retail with. In all, Leadtek is releasing six cards - four GeForce GT 220s and two G210s, which feature support for DirectX 10.1, 512MB… Go To Full Article

Intel presents Self Tuning processor

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Intel has presented a new processor design that uses Self Tuning. In short this means that processor optimizes itself for its intended use, according to several parameters like clock frequency, voltage and temperature. Both CPU core and cache memory comes… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Geforce GT220 Listed in Europe for €56

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The performance of the first NVIDIA DX10.1 cards is absimal, the feature set however is quite completely, with HDMI and HD Content decoding, ideal for a HTPC? maybe.. if the price is right? At €56 for the cheapest model listed… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Partners Drop GTX260/275/285 Products Due To Shortage

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Several Nvidia partners have confirmed that they had to decide to cancel GTX 285 and GTX 275 based products, as availability was simply disastrous. We still don’t now if this is Nvidia's strategy to keep the market… Go To Full Article

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