Sapphire HD 4850 Video Card Review

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AMD/ATI has released two new high-end graphics chips recently, Radeon HD 4870 and Radeon HD 4850, known by the codenames RV770 XT and RV770 PRO, respectively. As you can guess by the numbers, HD 4850 provides a lower performance compared… Go To Full Article

FPS Impact: NVIDIA Forceware 175.16 vs 175.19

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Most people would think that when NVIDIA, who is the world-class leader in graphics technology, releases a new driver to the public that performance would either remain the same with some stability improvements, or that both performance and stability would… Go To Full Article

ATi HD 4850 Single Card DX9 Tests

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We've given you enough of a breather, so time to clock in and get back to work. With the DX10 benchmarks behind us, its time to check out how well the HD4850 behaves in the DX9 playground. Go To Full Article

Bjorn3D Giving Away an XFX GTX 260

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We are having a contest and giving away an XFX GTX 260. Go To Full Article

Antec Three Hundred Gamer Case

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Antec has three premium lines of consumer computer cases in it's roster: Performance One, Sonata and Gamer. We've already looked at cases from the Performance One and Sonata lines and those cases left with many awards and high ratings. So… Go To Full Article

G.Skill 64GB SATA II SSD Review

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Going into this review we were very excited to see what the future of hard drives would be like, and for better or naught Solid State drives are the way of the future. Take this drive for instance, it is… Go To Full Article

Corsair XMS3 DHX PC3-12800 (DDR3-1600) 4GB Kit

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Fancy a 4GB DDR3 kit capable of running at 2000mhz? Corsair's affectionately named TW3X4G1600C9DHXNV kit may just well be what you're after. Go To Full Article

PowerColor HD 4870 Review

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For the overclocking tests I used the Catalyst Control Center to bump up the core and memory speeds a few megahertz at a time until it became unstable and unable to complete a benchmark. Unlike the HD 4850, I could… Go To Full Article

[M] In-Win B2 Stealth Bomber ATX Case Review

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The In-Win B2 is without a doubt a gamer orientated ATX chassis. Designed with aspects and features to resemble a B2 stealth bomber plane this military looking case is apt to turn some heads. It has a fully functional automatic… Go To Full Article

Hiper Type-M 580w Power Supply

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On paper, the Hiper Type-M 580w power supply has everything you need, including dual GPU certification and award winning power output specifications. It all sounds promising but how does all that hold up to the rigorous [H] test process? Go To Full Article

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