OCZ Announces FlexXLC Memory Modules

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OCZ Technology today announced its new PC2-9200 FlexXLC memory modules. The new PC2-9200 FlexXLC memory modules feature a new unique solution. The new FlexXLC cooling solution one up’s Corsair’s previously announced DOMINATOR memory modules by offering users the flexibility of…

Nintendo Wii broke my TV

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We brought the Wii home and played it pretty much nonstop for the past 24 hours. At 12:10am, during a slower couch-sitting game of Wii Sports: Bowling, my Nintendo Wii got angry with me. My buddy Troy…

Goodbye to G70 Competition - Win a 7950GX2

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Fancy the chance to win an amazing Gainward 7950GX2 graphics card with a full 1024mb of onboard memory? Then join in Overclock3D and Gainward's "Goodbye to G70" competition and try you hand at convincing us to part with a Gainward…

Nvidia delays DX 10 driver

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NVIDIA still doesn't have a public DirectX 10 driver for Geforce 8800 GTX. We and a few thousand of lucky DX 10 hardware owners are still waiting impatiently for one. Nvidia was supposed to have the driver by the end…

Vista RTM goes into sleep state

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Unlike that, the sleep function wakes up the computer in the matter of seconds. It takes five to seven seconds to have your machine back on the feet. You can revoke a bunch of programs. It takes twenty-five seconds to…

AMD partners outraged at 4x4 Asus exclusive

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MOTHERBOARD manufacturers are dismayed that AMD's 4x4 team went with Asus alone, as supplier of the first 4x4 boards. Chimpzilla's other partners did not receive a single set of 4x4 CPUs and they're unable to tell us if the 4x4…

ANTEC Nine Hundred Case

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Today HardwareLogic takes a look at the newest gaming enclosure from ANTEC, the Nine Hundred. While ANTEC has an enclosure for every need or desire, the Nine hundred is really their first all out gaming enclosure since their extremely popular…

DFI: Infinity 975 Ultimate BIOS released

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Intel has just officially launched its first Quad cores processor “Core 2 Extreme QX6700”. Now the development of processors is now rushing into the “multi-core competition” era. No matter how many cores a processor has an excellent BIOS design of…

Demand for Nvidia G80 chips weak as market expects G84 and G86 lineup

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Nvidia's launch of its DirectX 10-compliant GeForce 8800 GPU (codenamed G80) earlier this month seems to have failed to significantly stir up demand for high-end graphics cards, although the new chips took a lead in 3D computing processing, according to…

Crucial Ballistix Tracer DDR2 PC2-5300

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To sum it all up, would I buy this RAM if I had the chance? Definitely. It performs great and it looks nice. I know not all of us notice at how pretty something looks, but in the world of…

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