[M] AutumnWave OnAir GT (USB HDTV Tuner) Review

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HDTV broadcast becomes more accessible in many cities AutumnWave is bringing to the notebook/laptop users an easy way to capture the high quality must watch sports or your favorite TV programs on-the-go. Go To Full Article

Toshiba's Dynabook SS RX1: world's first laptop with 128GB SSD

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Your 64GB SSD getting you down? Right, you should be so lucky. Regardless, Toshiba just updated their 12.1-inch Dynabook SS RX1 in Japan with a new 128GB SSD option. Build RX1/TAE bundles 128GB of solid state disk with internal, KDDI… Go To Full Article

Vista SP1, SP1 toilet paper hit japan

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The Japanese are hyping Vista SP1's impending release, but a roll of toilet paper printed with highlighted features is kind of uncalled for. You kind of have to feel a little bad for Vista -- it just keeps getting crapped… Go To Full Article

BenQ's V2400W claims to be world's thinnest, stealthiest 24-inch LCD monitor

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The oft-irrational quest for thin already overwhelming television R&D budgets just hit our beloved LCD monitors. Meet the BenQ V2400W billed as the "world's slimmest 24-inch LCD monitor." BenQ claims that the LCD's 2.44-inch max depth is 21% thinner than… Go To Full Article

Interconnects of the Future: Copper vs. Carbon

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The scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, located in Troy, New York, have been busy playing with carbon nanotubes (CNT) for the past few years. Their research has brought us the possibility of paper batteries, remote-controlled disease killing bombs, and… Go To Full Article

Hardware Virtualization: the Nuts and Bolts

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Every one of us has already used virtualization in some degree. In fact, most of us wouldn't be very productive without the virtualization that a modern OS offers us. A "natively running" server or workstation with a modern OS already… Go To Full Article

ASUS U3S: Two Notebooks in a Single Case

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The U3S is an expensive product that delivers good performance and features broad functionality. From a technical standpoint, the U3S is a well-balanced solution in terms of weight, size, and power consumption. It is not a cheap buy, yet it… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte MA790FX-DS5 Review

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After playing with the MA790FX-DS5 for a while, I was thoroughly impressed with the stability and the ease of overclocking the board has to offer. The high quality components and the layout of the board are second to none. The… Go To Full Article

Corsair TX650W ATX12V power supply

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The TX650W is one of the middle models in Corsair's growing line of power supplies, which now stretches from 450W all the way to 1000W, and includes modular cable versions as well. Previous reviewed Corsairs have all made it to… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Cosmos S Case Review

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Cooler Master's Cosmos case made waves last year because of its incredibly silent design, awesome size, and excellent accoutrements. This year, Cooler Master altered the Cosmos design and released a new model: the Cosmos S. Whereas the Cosmos case was… Go To Full Article

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