Antec Fusion Media Center HTPC Case

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We all have that urge to build the biggest, baddest, PC on the block, but when it comes to home theater PCs (HTPC), we have a different set of goals. A small footprint and quiet operation are paramount…

ASUS introduces Striker Extreme Motherboard

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Taipei, Taiwan; November 10, 2006 – ASUSTeK Computer Inc. the worldwide leader of motherboards, today introduced the Striker Extreme motherboard, which are specifically designed to simplify the DIY process and add style to gaming systems. As… Go To Full Article

AMD R600 board is a monster

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First of all, you need to know that this PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is the most expensive one that DAAMIT has ever ordered. It's a complex 12-layer monster with certain manufacturing novelties used in order to support the requirements of…

VIA EPIA CN13000G Motherboard

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In general the EPIA CN is found on the low-end of the EPIA motherboard range and at first it may seem like a slimmed-down version of the EN. While the EPIA CN is indeed cheaper than its EPIA EN counterpart…

Gigabyte 3D Aurora case

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The Aurora 570 is going to make an awesome choice for those looking to build their own watercooling set ups. For one, the dual 120mm fan mounts on the back make it very easy to mount a dual-size radiator on…

HannsG HC174DP 17 Inch TFT Monitor

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There are only a few things we haven't reviewed here at XSR, one of those is a TFT monitor; today that's going to change. This particular model is the HC174DP from Hanns G. This 17" monitor with built in speakers…

SOHOUSB Magic Bridge SATA/eSATA IDE/USB bridge

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Imagine an external hard drive enclosure, but without a top, or a bottom, or sides. So just the bridging hardware, basically. Got it? Wasn't so hard to describe after all.

ASUS Striker Extreme Motherboard

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The ASUS Striker Extreme Motherboard has all of the features that you would want from a motherboard today. The nForce 680i chipset is designed for the extreme overclocker and the ability to run two graphics cards in SLI mode is…

Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gaming Case

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The case has an industrial feel that reminds me somewhat of the early Cooler Master Stacker. No silly doors to annoy, but nine grilled blanking plates. The top plate is obviously designed for an optical drive, while…

Asus preps RD600 board - DAAMIT for Intel

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ASUS' RD600 boards should be ready by the end of this month and the company wants to promote what might be the last DAAMIT chipset for Intel. We don't have too many details about the board itself…

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