Nvidia's Big Bang II Comes this September

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One of the major topics of discussion for the last two weeks was Nvidia preparing a driver codenamed "Big Bang II" for introduction in September. In case you didnt know, Nvidia's first driver for SLI came with "Big Bang I",… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA 177.79 VS 175.19 Driver Performance Comparison

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177.79 is the first 177 driver that not only supports GTX 200 series but also supports 8800 and 9800 series. Finally Nvidia kept their Unified Driver promise. Because it is the first 177 forceWare of 8800 and… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA denies quitting Chipset Business

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Puzzled, we asked Nvidia Platform Products PR chief Bryan Del Rizzo to weigh in. Del Rizzo's response came swiftly and left little open for interpretation: 1. The story on Digitimes is completely groundless. We have no intention of… Go To Full Article

3D Printing For Everyone

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Technology Review has up an article about Shapeways, a new online rapid-prototyping service that allows users to upload digital designs which are then printed on 3-D printers and shipped back. A spinoff from Philips Research, the service gives small businesses,… Go To Full Article

Asustek to Release Eee PC Notebooks for High-End Markets

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The president of Asustek Computer, Jerry Shen, has confirmed at a news-conference in Taipei, Taiwan, that the company plans to launch Eee PC-branded mobile computers for higher-end market segments. The launch of such systems will considerably expand markets that Asus… Go To Full Article

id Software Rage Extended Trailer Released

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Straight from QuakeCon, the new extended Rage trailer showing off even more footage of the upcoming FPS from id Software, due out "when it's fun and when it's done" on PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Mac. Go To Full Article

[OT] UK Restaurant Tipping Law To Change

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Employers are to be banned from using tips and service charges to "top up" staff pay to meet the minimum wage, under government plans. The changes, set to come into force next year, will benefit those working in industries such… Go To Full Article

Geforce 9400GS is crippled 9500GT - to be available soon

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Nvidia has one more card to launch in upcoming weeks. The card is called Geforce 9400GS, and if all goes well the retail market should not be able to get this card. The card will be slower and a modestly… Go To Full Article

Scythe launches first ATX Case, Calls it INNOVATOR

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Scythe launches first ATX Case, Calls it INNOVATOR FudZilla has more info here: Scythe always tends to come…

Build your own 9-Cell Battery for the MSI Wind

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Fed up of your puny 3 cell-er? Dismantling the battery couldn't be any easier, although putting it back together might be a little tricky. A quick trial fit and here it goes. There's plenty of testing to do, charging and… Go To Full Article

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