Geforce GTX 260 55nm Preview

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As expected, the power consumption of GTX260-55nm is a little lower than old version of GTX260 under standby mode. but when loaded, the power consumption of 55nm GTX260 is higher than that of GTX260-65nm. Power consumption of the whole card… Go To Full Article

Microsoft Xbox 360 Netflix Watch Instantly Review

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After Microsoft and Netflix announced the Xbox 360 would receive streaming Netflix Watch Instantly support, I was excited, but was initially hesitant to sign up for the service. After buying myself a new Xbox Live membership for another 12 months,… Go To Full Article

Dell’s super-thin Adamo notebook: Displayport, Blu-ray.. for $3000

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Adamo’s marketing pitch is clearly a design that improves on what Apple has achieved with the Macbook Air. Apple’s stunning notebook is only 0.76” thick and weighs about 3.0 lbs. Recent posts on Digitimes indicated that Dell may be able… Go To Full Article

Nvidia recommends not buying its defective chips

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To quote some of the latest memo, ".....NVIDIA strongly recommends that customers transition to this latest revision of the NB8E-SET GPUs as soon as possible. These latest revision units utilize "Hitachi" underfill packaging material that improves product quality and enhances… Go To Full Article

AMD desktop CPU schedule updated

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AMD plans to launch six 45nm CPUs under its Athlon line including the quad-core Athlon X4 615 and 605 and triple-core Athlon X3 420 and 410 in April next year and dual-core Athlon X2 240 and 235 in June, according… Go To Full Article

Geforce GTX 285 ~10% faster than Geforce GTX 280

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Chiphell has recently released a couple slides evaluating the differences in performance between the current 65 nanometer Geforce GTX 280 and its soon to be released 55 nanometer successor, the Geforce GTX 285. As predicted, the average… Go To Full Article

Under the Hood: Intel's 45-nm high-k metal-gate process

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On Nov. 12, Intel shipped the first 45-nanometer microprocessors using high-k metal-gate technology. Whether to underscore the significance of the event or to reinforce that his famous law remains on track, Gordon Moore has become a central figure in the… Go To Full Article

Solid State Drive (SSD) Benchmark Performance Testing

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In this article, Benchmark Reviews sets out to detail the performance differences between SSD products attached to the JMicron JMB322 host-based controller and the Intel ICH10R, but instead discovered a larger problem. While read and write performance can sway unpredictably… Go To Full Article

Seasonic M12D 850W Power Supply Review

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A little while back, I reviewed Antec's Signature series 850W power supply. Toward the end of that review, I threw down a challenge: any company who thought they could do better than that unit should give it a shot and… Go To Full Article

ASUS Rampage II Extreme X58 Motherboard Review

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Last time when we tested Intel Core i7 CPU (Nehalem) we used Intel DX58SO Smackover motherboard. This time we will test motherboard designed for overclokers that want to squeeze maximum out of their Nehalem CPU. Motherboard is manufactured by ASUS… Go To Full Article

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