10Gbit Ethernet: Killing Another Bottleneck?

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In the second quarter of this year, we’ll have affordable servers with up to 48 cores (AMD’s Magny-cours) and 64 threads (Intel Nehalem EX). The most obvious way to wield all that power is to consolidate massive amounts of virtual… Go To Full Article

HWBOT publishes CPU architecture overclocking charts (air and extreme)

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The HWBOT database consists of 400,000 results which all contain valuable information, provided by the overclocking community. Of course, we can rank your results and give you points for them, but we can also gather all that information and provide… Go To Full Article

Why Ad Blocking is devastating to the sites you love

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Starting late Friday afternoon we conducted a 12 hour experiment to see if it would be possible to simply make content disappear for visitors who were using a very popular ad blocking tool. Technologically, it was a success in that… Go To Full Article

Intel: People Do Not Need High-Performance Graphics

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A highly-ranking executive of Intel Corp. said in an interview that the vast majority of customers hardly need high performance graphics. While it is clear that by far not everyone plays video games, the claim still reminds the phrase about… Go To Full Article

Intel to Introduce 8-core Xeon Nehalem-EX, 6-core Westmere-EP Processors This Month

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Intel is set to introduce a series of eight-core Xeon server processors later this month, that are capable of running in four-socket servers. With HyperThreading technology enabled, each core can handle two threads, taking the logical CPU count on such… Go To Full Article

OCZ Enyo is Portable USB 3.0 HDD

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CZ Technology has been working on a storage solution that takes advantage of the USB 3.0 SuperSpeed interface for a while. It's just got a little closer to seeing the light of the day at CeBIT. The OCZ Enyo is… Go To Full Article

Company threatens journalists over fake Intel CPU reports

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A company called D&H Distributing doesn’t consider it legitimate for the free press to ask questions and took umbrage to this. In fact, the legal beagles over at D&H Distributing got so worked up over the horrifying gall and chutzpah… Go To Full Article

Intel Steps into Alleged Counterfeit Core i7 920 Sale Issue

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Intel has been made aware of the potential for counterfeit i7 920 packages in the marketplace and is working to how many and/or where they are being sold. The examples we have seen are not Intel products but are… Go To Full Article

[M] CeBIT 2010 Coverage

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It's that time of year again at Hannover Messe. CeBIT 2010 gave us high expectations. New CPUs from Intel and AMD, Nvidia Fermi video cards and loads more motherboard releases. Since we had only 2 days to wander around, we… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Element V Chassis Review

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Thermaltake is one of the premier PC chassis makers that is widely recognized worldwide. Thermaltake products are not cheap at all but this is mainly due to their superb build quality such as Thermaltake Level 10, SwordM and etc hence… Go To Full Article

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