In Win AMMO Review

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Today we are going to review another interesting product from one of our favor brands; In Win. In Win AMMO is a 2.5" external SATA HDD enclosure but unlike other standard external HDD enclosures, AMMO is equipped with RFID encryption… Go To Full Article

A-DATA X Series Ver 2 PC3-12800 6GB DDR3 Kit

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It's been a while since we've seen anything from A-DATA, but like most memory companies they've also decided to ramp up their memory in the MHz department with the release of a PC3-12800 memory or 1600MHz kit. … Go To Full Article

Buyer Beware: 13.3" MacBook Pro can't show "millions of colors"

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Did you know that a 13" MacBook Pro ships with a 6-bit panel... capable of displaying only 262,144 colors. a potential class action lawsuit? Go To Full Article

AMD TWKR BE: Phenom II 42 - overclocked to 6ghz+

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We are one of the few sites to get a sample of this processor which isn't being sold in the market. We overclocked it on Vapo and managed to get over 6GHZ out of it - which makes it the… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake V1 AX CPU Cooler Review

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The V1 AX is one of 8 CPU coolers currently offered by Thermaltake for the Socket 1366 platform, and like many of their coolers it is capable of cooling most modern processors. It is similar to their V1 cooler in… Go To Full Article

AMD to Speed Up Phenom II X4, Release Athlon II X4 in August

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Advanced Micro Devices, the world’s second largest maker of x86 microprocessors, plans to introduce its new high-performance quad-core microprocessors in August. The most important updates will be AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition, the new top-of-the-range desktop chip by… Go To Full Article

OCZ Sabre OLED Gaming Keyboard Now Shipping

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If you dream of buying a keyboard with OLED keys, but you don't have a thousand dollars to spend on a keyboard, your dream may finally become true. OCZ Technology is now shipping its own Sabre OLED gaming keyboard for… Go To Full Article

OCZ Extends Warranty on All Vertex and Summit SSDs

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OCZ is also extending the warranty of all their premium level SSDs to three years. This includes all Vertex and Summit drives including the Mac Edition and Vertex EX, but excludes the Agility series due to their low cost NAND… Go To Full Article

Corsair pulls high performance DDR3 kits with Elpida “Hyper” ICs

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Within the last few hours, corsair Reps have made announcements aroundvarious overclocker forums, most notably on the Corsair forums and the EVGA forums. These reps have come out with the following statements, this one being poached off of the EVGA… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling to release three more case fans

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Still helping out with this cruel and hot summer, Arctic Cooling has announced the Arctic F Pro TC fan family which includes three models (80, 92 and 120mm). The main characteristic/feature of these fans is that they come equipped with… Go To Full Article

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