Silverstone SST-SG02W Evolution Sugo Case Review

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The new Silverstone SST-SG02W Evolution Sugo is the next PC Case in the Technic3D Editorship. See you in the following Review which qualities and Features the little aluminum µATX Case presents. Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Freezer Pro 64 Review

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In three of the four tests, the Freezer 64 Pro came within two to four degrees Celsius of the XP 90. Considering that the XP 90 is about double the price after you purchase a fan to mount on it,… Go To Full Article

More QX9650 Performance Previews

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We also saw a trio of extreme machines. One was powered by a 3.0GHz Core 2 Extreme QX9650 (Yorkfield), another was a stock Skulltrail machine equipped with dual 3.0GHz quad-core processors, and the last system was a modded Skulltrail that… Go To Full Article

ABS ITZ1300 1300w Power Supply

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ABS is known by many enthusiasts due to its affiliation with Newegg. Today we look at a high power PSU branded with the ABS logo sold through the ABS website. 1300 watts is a lot of power. What happens when… Go To Full Article

Intel IDF Fall 2007: Day 3

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On the final day of the Intel Fall 2007 IDF was Renee James and Justin Rattner with the two final keynotes. Among the topics today were virtualization, Intel's open-source projects, a new What If project from Intel,… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte iSolo 210 Computer Chassis Review

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Gigabyte has proven once again they are a fierce competitor in the case market with the iSolo 210. With its mesh side window and sleek, classy look, this case looks great sitting on a desk. The inside is spacious with… Go To Full Article

Nexus PCI-300 Ventilation Brackets

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Is the inside of your PC case heating up? Could it use some more fresh air? But there are no more ventilation holes available? You can place the metal mesh PCI-300 PCI-Slot brackets in your unused PCI-Slots to have some… Go To Full Article

Nvidia 100.14.19 + 8800gts 640mb

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This past Tuesday NVIDIA finally delivered an updated Linux and Solaris display driver (100.14.19) after they failed to deliver a newer driver since June of this year -- not even a new beta driver! This new software… Go To Full Article

Xigmatek HDT-S1283 CPU Cooler

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The Xigmatek HDT-S1283 utilizes a 120mm rifle bearing fan that is rated at 1000 - 2200 RPM and produces 72.1 - 99.6 CFM's (depending on RPM). The fan has a moderate noise level of 28 - 32 dBA,… Go To Full Article

Nexus Silent Caterpillar Case Review

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Once everything was installed I powered up the pc and I had to check the fans were spinning as it is practically silent, especially with the cpu cooler fan turned down to low speed. Just the occasional… Go To Full Article

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