AM2+ Phenom II's to last until Q2

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Phenom II X4 940, the 3GHz version of AMD's Deneb core, and Phenom II X4 920 at 2.8 GHz will have an unusually short life cycle. The CPU will officially launch on January 8th and the last orders for these… Go To Full Article

LG Display unveils Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel

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LG Display (LGD) announced today that the company has developed a Trumotion 480Hz LCD TV panel, which has an 480 refresh rate per second. LGD's scanning backlight technology enables a backlight to be repeatedly turned on and off to reduce… Go To Full Article

Intel CPU Pricing Revealed

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Intel has just posted its new processor price list for December 2008. (src: HardOCP) Full Price listing downloadable here: Go To Full Article

AMD writes down ATI's value... again

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AMD, depending on your viewpoint, is either incapable of ever catching a break or it possesses an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The company has now announced that it has cut 600 employees, 100 more… Go To Full Article

Hackers completely break SSL using 200 PS3s

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A team of security researchers and academics has broken a core piece of internet technology. They made their work public at the 25th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin today. The team was able to create a rogue certificate authority and… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte EX58-Extreme Motherboard Review

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Gigabyte now joins the other motherboard manufacturers on the planet with their own special branding of their X58 chipset motherboard. Features like Hybrid SilentPower 2, Dynamic Energy Saving and EasyTune 6 set the EX58 Extreme apart from other motherboards on… Go To Full Article

Mushkin HP3 12800 3x2GB Review

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Mushkin has a history of putting together a set of modules that perform above expectations. This set is no different. The performance at the 1333MHZ level was outstanding in comparison to the other two sets of modules tested. Not just… Go To Full Article

Gaming Performance: Core i7 vs. Core 2 Quad

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In the review of Nehalem CPU we haven’t said anything about gaming performances. Since new X58 chipset has support for nVIDIA SLI and ATi CrossFire, it would be great to see those performances, but that combination would come with hefty… Go To Full Article

ASUS Xonar D1 PCI Audio Card

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The ASUS Xonar D1 is a 7.1 channel solution designed to fit into full sized or low profile systems, and offers exceptional audio in 3D games and home theater applications. If you are serious enough about sound to realize that… Go To Full Article

In Win Matrix Review

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Last time we've seen an In Win case it was called the X710B, it was all black and it became pretty popular here in Holland and in Europe. Now In Win is back with a whole new line up of… Go To Full Article

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