Benchmark Performance SSD Testing: AHCI vs IDE (or perhaps not)

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My attention was recently directed to an article over at Benchmark Reviews. The piece intended to point out SSD performance differences when testing with different SATA protocol modes (AHCI vs. IDE). There's only one problem - their testing did not… Go To Full Article

AMD posts $257M profit, increased gross margin

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Looks like AMD doesn't need juicy Intel settlement money to turn a profit, at least now that it no longer consolidates its financial results with GlobalFoundries'. AMD has posted net income of $257 million on "record" $1.57 billion revenue for… Go To Full Article

All USB 3.0 implementations are not created equal

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IF YOU'RE a regular reader of SemiAccurate, then you'll know that we put a question forward to the USB Implementers Forum with regards to how they certify the various USB 3.0 implementations and if they perform any kind of speed… Go To Full Article

Intel's Patsburg to replace X58 in 2011

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INTEL APPEARS TO BE be sticking with its two tier CPU socket system for the foreseeable future, as details of Intel's X58 platform replacement have made their way online. The upcoming LGA1155 platform with the Cougar Point chipset and the… Go To Full Article

A note on GeForce GTX 480 noise levels

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Similarly, Nvidia has obviously biased the fan profiles on the GTX 480 toward lower noise levels than toward lower GPU temperatures, but the GPU temperature readings we got for the card were only a few degrees higher than what we… Go To Full Article

MSI to release lower-cost P55 + Hydra motherboard

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For later this quarter MSI is preparing two new motherboards featuring the Hydra SoC (System-on-Chip) from Lucidlogix, the 870A-GD60 Hydra seen at CeBIT and the model pictured below which is known as P55-GD88 Hydra or P55A Hydra. … Go To Full Article

A look at new SSDs from Corsair, Kingston, Plextor, and WD

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In this latest batch of SSDs, we have Corsair's Nova V128, Kingston's SSDNow V+, Plextor's PX-128M1S, and Western Digital's SiliconEdge Blue. As one might expect, all four use the 2.5", 9.5-mm mobile hard drive form factor that has become de… Go To Full Article

[M] Campus Party 2010 in Spain - Day 1

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Wednesday afternoon, Massman, me and 798 other people arrived in Madrid, Spain. We are gathered at Campus Party Europe 2010. One of the biggest events in the world when it comes to technology, creativity and digital culture online. Massman will… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst 10.4 Hotfix Information and Download

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The ATI Catalyst 10.4 Hotfix provides resolution for the following issue: Long load times for new maps in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 when using an ATI Radeon HD 5xxx series graphics card. This driver is provided as is and is… Go To Full Article

AMD Phenom II X6 T1090 BE overclocked to 6.29GHz

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AMD's upcoming 6-core CPU with stock speed of 3.2Ghz was overclocked without too much fuzz to 6.29Ghz using LN2 The mainboard was the 890GX… Go To Full Article

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