3 TB Hitachi 5700 RPM Drives Available for use with Nexsan E-Series Storage Systems

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Nexsan, a leading independent provider of disk-based data storage systems, today announced immediate availability of 3 TB Hitachi 5700 RPM drives as an option for all Nexsan E-Series storage systems. Enhanced with Hitachi's CoolSpin technology, Hitachi's 5700 RPM 3 TB… Go To Full Article

First Ivy Bridge results pop up : fake or real ?

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It's leak time again..., a chinese website (mydrivers) has posted their first results of an Ivy Bridge CPU versus a 2600K and the latest s2011 i7-3820 CPU.

EPICGEAR Meduza Mouse and Pad Review @ OCC

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The weight of the mouse is slightly heavier than the Razer DeathAdder. Along with many mice these days, the weight isn't adjustable without your own modifications. The weight really seems to be what makes it smooth and since you really… Go To Full Article

Blizzard Free-to-Play Game Rumor Resurfaces

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It's still probably related to Blizzard's secret "Titan" project, but an insider swears Blizzard is expanding its business to the free-to-play players. Go To Full Article

OCZ Octane SATA 6GB/s Indilinx Everest SSD @ Benchmark Reviews

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Nearly one year since acquiring well-know flash controller manufacturer Indilinx, OCZ has debuted their first storage productbased on the Indilinx infused Everest platform with NDurance technology: welcome OCZ's Octane SSD. Offered in 1-terabyte capacities, the OCT1-25SAT3 series is designed to… Go To Full Article

Plextor M3 / M3S 256GB Solid State Drive Review

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The Marvell based drives from 2011 were very good products, they just had a very big umbrella over their head. Pricing always plays a large role in the retail purchasing decision, especially in a slow moving economy. The Marvell controlled… Go To Full Article

Cyberlink PowerDVD 12 Ultra Review @ Hi Tech Legion

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Despite the name, Cyberlink's PowerDVD12 is compatible with a wide range of video file formats. Cyberlink's PowerDVD 12 Ultra further expands media library format support by including MKV, FLV, MOV, M2TS and MK3D video files as well as playback on… Go To Full Article

AMD Had a Chance to Get Llano Into Apple's Macbook Air

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Apple is a prestigious customer for Intel, as the chip maker enjoys being in the spotlight whenever Apple launches a new PC. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte 7950 Windforce @ PureOverclock

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We're looking at the Gigabyte HD 7950 today, it's a ramped-up version of the AMD design, coming with a customized air cooler called the Windforce. As we've seen in the past from Gigabyte, excellent cooling is characteristic of this Windforce… Go To Full Article

ASUS P9X79 Deluxe Sandy Bridge-E LGA2011 ATX Motherboard Review

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Over the last three years, ASUS motherboards have offered standard physical features across the entire range of boards on top of consistency in stock performance. This has created a very favorable performance experience all around thanks to things like polished… Go To Full Article

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