Logitech Wave Keyboard Review

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Logitech is well-known for its input devices and cameras. The Wave Keyboard is Logitech's latest ergonomic keyboard suited for extended typing sessions, as well as everyday use. Its media keys enable easy access to media player functions. It also has… Go To Full Article

Crucial BL12864BA1608 DDR3 Review

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DDR3 Memory offers such a high front side bus to overclocker's that CPU speeds can reach well beyond extreme. Crucial has produced the Ballistix PC3-12800 CL8 BL2KIT12864BA1608 DDR3 1600MHz 2x1GB RAM kit for hardware enthusiasts to take advantage of. Benchmark… Go To Full Article

GlacialTech Igloo 5750 PWM and Silent CPU Coolers Review

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Not long ago we took a look at a couple GlacialTech 5610 Series CPU coolers, they are the smaller sized heatpipe variety and overall they are a decent performing cooling option. Today I've got two more CPU coolers from GlacialTech,… Go To Full Article

XFX 8800GTS 512 MB Alpha Dog Review

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It seems that NVIDIA is bent on just taking over the entire VGA arena in both the high and low end market at the same time. This can be clearly seen with their recent release strategy, and ATI is an… Go To Full Article

Asus Maximus Extreme

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Ferrari automobiles, Rolex watches and Brioni suits. Each of these items commands respect in their individual fields. Standing as the pinnacle of engineering, each of these products fetch a high premium but with that premium comes the satisfaction of knowing… Go To Full Article

Hardware [M]adness in 2007: Looking Back

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Changes in the past couple of years in PC hardware were scary to say the least. C2D was a good change for Intel; ATI was a bad change for AMD. Vista was a bad change for Microsoft; all the changes… Go To Full Article

Happy New Year 2008!

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Madshrimps wishes their readers a happy new year 2008! Lots of new goodies to play with, high overclocks and flashy (and modest) casemods. Party on!

The golden age of videogames

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Edge magazine is notoriously parsimonious when it comes to handing out 10 out of 10 review scores for video games but in the past three issues there have been three of them. Halo 3, The Orange Box and Super Mario… Go To Full Article

[M] Three OCZ PC2-6400 DDR2 Kits For The Budget Conscious

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As DDR2 ram becomes cheaper, some interesting deals become available. We have a look today at three OCZ kits, available for $70-$100. Which one to get ? Take a look to find out.... Go To Full Article

UK Looks to Slow Speeders with the Help of GPS

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For regular viewers of the automotive program Top Gear, you'd know that the UK is likely the ultimate "Nanny State" when it comes to automobiles and driving. From the over-taxation to ubiquitous speed cameras, drivers in the UK seem to… Go To Full Article

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