Nvidia has high hopes for Hybrid SLI

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It is a combination of IGP graphic and discrete graphic rendering together. The principle is rather simple. You take a graphics card, lets say an 8400 or an 8600 and plug it into the integrated graphic board and when you… Go To Full Article

Diamond Radeon HD 2900 XT 1GB Video Card Review

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This card, with a staggering 128 GB/s of memory bandwidth, raises a number of intriguing questions about the role of memory bandwidth, the question of graphics memory size (how much is enough?) and most of all, the potential of AMD's… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake MaxOrb CPU Cooler Review

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The Thermaltake MaxOrb performed well and is right in-line with other coolers of its type - and this is with warm ambient temperatures. The speed control functioned smoothly and when on high speed, the noise from the fan was barely… Go To Full Article

Akasa AK975cu & AK965 775 CPU Coolers Review

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The cooler has two heat-pipes which feed into the heatsink fins at the top. What is unusual for a cooler with heat-pipes is that the heatsink also makes contact with the base copper plate. I suspect that the Go To Full Article

Sapphire HD 2400 XT Video Card Review

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What are some people thinking? Hundreds of dollars for a video card!? I just want to be able to play one or two DirectX 10 games at realistic resolutions. If this sounds like you, you're probably in the market for… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 2900 Pro coming end of the year

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The HD 2900 Pro will arrive in Q4 2007, this new card uses the same R600 core has HD 2900 XT, the target is to fill the gap between NVIDIA's 8600GTS and 8800GTS 320. The price should be close to… Go To Full Article

HANNS-G HW223D 22" LCD Monitor Review

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After a while of sticking my nose in this thing I found I was very satisfied to include this monitor in my test labs as the staple monitor for motherboard and single card VGA testing. The monitor's controls are easy… Go To Full Article

ASUS Blitz Extreme & Formula Motherboards Review

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There are numerous P35 boards available, so what does a company have to do to have an edge? Well, as far as ASUS is concerned, they should produce feature-packed boards that also come with many extras, including a game and… Go To Full Article

Acer AL2051W 20-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

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LCD displays have exploded over the past year, especially widescreens. They started with 17inch and 19inch models, but now with the price drops 20inch and 22inch widescreen LCD's are becoming more of a standard now. Today we will be looking… Go To Full Article

MSI NX8600GTS HD OC 265MB Video Card Review

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Recently PC Freaks & Geeks had the opportunity to take the Gainward 8800GTX 768MB GPU for a test drive in a review machine. While it offered un disputed performance and it's appearance was certainly scary, due to… Go To Full Article

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