BFG, Chaintech, ECS, POV 8500/8600 GT/GTS Roundup

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Despite the chilly reception of the new NVIDIA cards because of their cut-down features and relatively high prices, Mid-End products with DX10 support are gradually filling the market. We're going to examine seven cards today. Two of them copy the… Go To Full Article

Kingwin Gladiator Hybrid Liquid CPU Cooler Review

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Who here hasn't wanted a water cooled CPU, but was too worried about leaks or pump failures ruining their systems? Well, I know that back in the day I wanted such a setup, but cost and lack of experience held… Go To Full Article

Ultra X3 600w Power Supply Review

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There are a lot of power supplies out there today boasting a variety of features. Between modular power supplies and super silent ones, it can be really hard to find exactly what you need. Ultra Products is trying to make… Go To Full Article

Seasonic S12II-380 Power Supply

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Seasonic has been making quiet, efficient, high performance, power supplies for many years. The S12II series is their latest mainstream line. We test drive the 380W model on our torture track. It gets the checkered flag without a single glitch. Go To Full Article

Phenom 3GHz won’t hit 30K in 3Dmark06

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Our sources close to AMD have confirmed that Phenom 3GHz cannot even come close to 30000 in 3Dmark06, even on dry ice and heavy overclock. The same sources confirmed that no matter how AMD would like this to be true… Go To Full Article

AMD starts shipping Barcelona to OEM and Distros

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AMD is getting ready for the Barcelona launch. The launch is going to take the place on the 10th of September in Dubai, Barcelona and New York and AMD even officially said that it started shipping the CPUs in August.… Go To Full Article

Faster Wi-Fi in Works to Transfer Data

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While Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have emerged as efficient ways to zap small amounts of data between gadgets, neither is well suited for quickly transferring high-definition video, large audio libraries and other massive files. Laskar and other scientists at the Georgia… Go To Full Article

Zippy Serene 600W PSU tested at 89% Efficiency

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Zippy claims 86% efficiency on the box, but this is a very nice statement that we unfortunately see all the time. We were happily surprised in this case, as we have reached the same efficiency levels stated on the box.… Go To Full Article

[M] TTIC Micro Flow Intel S775 Water Block Performance Review

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TTIC has been around since the late 90's, though it's only since few years that they jumped into the desktop CPU cooling market. Because of their advanced knowledge of heatpipe technology they have already accomplished quite a bit, now TTIC… Go To Full Article

VisionTek Radeon X1300 PCI Video Card Review

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Yes, you read that right. A video card that uses the classic PCI bus: all 33Mhz of it. VisionTek has offered a few unique options with the ATI graphics chips they use. They are the only manufacturer of a Radeon… Go To Full Article

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