Tuniq Announces Tower 120 Extreme Silver

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Tuniq Announces Tower 120 Extreme Silver The performance king has returned! The much praised Tuniq Tower 120 has gone through a radical redesign and not only looks cooler but its performance has been boosted.… Go To Full Article

25 year old man sings Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You" LIVE

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XtremeLabs shows of modding and overclocking skills live!

@ 2010/04/18 read/post comments(0) official channel (mainly TiN homelab, LN2 oc and phasechange cooled rigs) Today he's preparing a Geforce GTX 285 with custom caps, vmem,… Go To Full Article

[M] Campus Party 2010 in Spain - Day 2

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Now that everybody has arrived and settled in, the event is officially open since this morning. The welcome was presented by Cristina Garmendia, Minister of Science and Innovation. The case mods are installed, the dewars filled, let's roll.... Go To Full Article

Half-Life & Half-Life 2 in 60 Seconds

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25 percent of Intel CPUs to have an IGP

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Intel has informed its own partners that by the end of 2010, 25 percent of Intel's CPUs will feature a integrated graphics. We are talking about 32nm Clarkdale CPU that has 45nm graphics and this means that in late 2010… Go To Full Article

Google Reveals Q1 2010 Financials

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With Q1 2010 ending, many tech firms are revealing their numbers for the quarter. Analysts are looking to the numbers posted by computer makers and technology firms as an indication that tech spending and the economy in general are starting… Go To Full Article

be quiet! Straight Power CM 680W

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Up-to-date fuel element offers quiet! five different power pack series on. We had a power pack of the pure power series only recently presented and in such a way are directed in the today's Review our attention toward a copy… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Frio CPU cooler Review

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Today we are looking at a new cooler from Thermaltake designed specifically for overclocking and high powered CPUs. Thermaltake claim that it can dissipate up to 220W of heat, so it should be able to keep even an overclocked i7… Go To Full Article

NZXT Premium Cooling Fan Round Up

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Keeping our computers cool seems to be a never-ending job. As our systems get faster and smaller, they generate more heat. That heat has to be removed somehow. Today we take a look at 3 of NZXT’s Performance cooling fans.… Go To Full Article

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