Does Power-Saving Technology Kill SSD Performance?

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We were in the middle of setting up a new storage test system to replace our aged platform when we noticed something really strange: Intel’s top-of-the-line X25-E flash solid state disk (SSD) delivered less throughput on the new test system… Go To Full Article

Intel chip flaw--but what of it?

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Intel has addressed the matter this way: "We are working with these researchers. We take this research and all reports seriously. Currently as far as we know, there are no known exploits in the wild," Intel spokesman George Alfs said… Go To Full Article

Crytek shows of CryEngine 3 for multi-platform

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As the Game Developers Conference kicks off, Crytek has given the press a peek at its next game engine—and it's not what you think. Apparently, instead of making PCs sweat with even fancier graphics, Crytek has made its new engine… Go To Full Article

Nvidia quietly launches GeForce GT 100 series GPUs

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Nvidia’s recent rebadging exercises haven’t proved particularly popular with either the press or consumers recently, which could explain why the company hasn’t made a big fanfare about its latest rebranding scheme. The company has surreptitiously already launched its new GeForce… Go To Full Article

Prolimatech Working On High End CPU Coolers: Genesis, Jericho and Mammoth

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Prolimatech Working On High End CPU Coolers: Genesis, Jericho and Mammoth Prolimatech has made a name for themselves when they launched their Megahalems CPU Cooler last year, it matched the performance of the current best…

Asus' Radeon HD 4890 enables 1000Mhz Overclock on GPU

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With little alteration of the operating voltage ASUS Radeon HD 4890 will be capable of reaching 1000MHz GPU frequency, which is anything but poor. That Radeon HD 4890 will be a good overclocker overall is no secret, but ASUS has… Go To Full Article

Reviewers unimpressed with MSI's X-Slim X340 $1699 Laptop

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The X340 has a single core CPU — the 1.2GHz Core 2 Solo U3300, which some users may find underpowered. Disturbingly like the Wind U115, it also uses the greatly inferior Sentelic touchpad. This requires the user to tap areas… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 4750 Listed at €129 in Webshop

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A brave German retailer dared to list a card branded as Radeon HD 4750, the first 40nm desktop card. As far as we know this card should show later in Q2, but according to Schottenland the card should be available… Go To Full Article

Intel delays "Menlow" Atoms, mulls increasing prices in China

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Intel is reportedly delaying the launch of its 1.2 GHz and 2.0 GHz Menlow-based Atoms until mid-April, about three weeks from now. The reports come from MID makers and follow additional reports Intel is also looking to raise its N270… Go To Full Article

[M] Galaxy Geforce 9500 GT Voltage Modification and Overclocking

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While we've been spoiled with high end hardware these last couple of months, we must admit that sometimes lower end hardware brings as much thrills to the overclocking game as the expensive video cards. In this article we will show… Go To Full Article

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