3DMark Vantage Has Gone Gold

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It's finally done, and the countdown clock is ticking! Futuremark has just announced that 3DMark Vantage is ready, and the countdown indicates that it will launch on Monday, 28th of April 2008. Downloads should be available at 16:00 EET (13:00… Go To Full Article

AMD's Phenom X3 8000 Series: Fighting Two Cores with Three?

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Pricing is also pretty interesting, as the top end Phenom X3 8750 is only $20 cheaper than the quad-core Phenom X4 9750 despite running at the same clock speed. The X3 8650 and 8450 are far more interesting as both… Go To Full Article

Seagate First to Ship 1 Billion Hard Drives; Expects Next Billion Within Five Years

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Seagate Technology (NYSE: STX) announced today that it is the first hard drive manufacturer worldwide to have shipped 1 billion hard drives -- a number not only staggering in size but also emblematic of the massive amount of digital content… Go To Full Article

Nvidia has 1.5 Million 8600GT in stock

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We've heard that this 1.5 million number includes both DDR3 and DDR2 based cards and trust the source. At this particular time it won't be that easy to get rid of them, and earn decent money at the same time. Go To Full Article

Nvidia's and ATI's problem in the war against Intel are FABs

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Jerry Sanders, the retired CEO of AMD, once said that only the big boys have fabs and this might be Nvidia’s and ATI’s biggest problem in the future. Nvidia started an open conflict with Intel, while ATI… Go To Full Article

Wolfdale for Economical Enthusiasts: Core 2 Duo E7200 Review

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Dual-core Wolfdale processors get cheaper. No, we are not talking about the next price reduction. The thing is that Intel is simply launching a new inexpensive Core 2 Duo E7200 processor, which belongs to the progressive 45nm processor family, even… Go To Full Article

Hardware Reviews Roundup 23/4

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- ASUS Radeon HD 3850X2 1 GB Review - XFX GeForce 9800 GTX SLI - AMD Phenom X3 processors review - AMD…

Super Talent Ships World’s First DDR3-1800 4GB Kit

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Super Talent Ships World’s First DDR3-1800 4GB Kit San Jose, California – April 23, 2008 -- Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of DRAM memory modules and flash storage solutions, today launched a DDR3-1800 4GB kit (2x… Go To Full Article

[M] Silverstone MS05 External 2.5inch SATA HDD Enclosure Review

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Our latest review comes from a new reviewer for the site, we welcome Bill Hill and his first article, an external & internal HDD dock for 2.5" SATA HDD. Today… Go To Full Article

AMD releases two energy-efficient Athlon chips

@ 2008/04/22 read/post comments(1)
Both the Athlon X2 4450e and the Athlon X2 4050e are dual-core processors designed to reduce power consumption and offer greater performance per watt. Today's release comes on the heels of AMD's early March announcement that the… Go To Full Article

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