Dawn of War II Gameplay Performance and IQ

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Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II successfully builds on the longstanding Warhammer 40,000 epic. It adheres to the guidelines and social structures set forth by the later rule-set from Games Workshop, and it does so in splendid graphical style. Real-time… Go To Full Article

nVidia's GT300 is "smaller, faster than Larrabee"?

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We already gave you details on the architectural side. GT300 or G300 or NV70 is consisted out of 512 cores [or Shader Processors, whatever you like], features a 512-bit memory controller connecting to GDDR5 memory and well, it is a… Go To Full Article

Intel slapped with a record $1.45 billion fine

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Wintel alliance, so known in the 1980s and 1990s got slapped with a record 1.6 billion Euro fine. Microsoft had to pay 497 million Euro back in 2004 and now Intel Corporation received a 1.06 billion Euro fine. Go To Full Article

OCZ Vertex 120GB MLC SSD Review

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The claimed throughput of 250 MByte/second reading and 180 MByte/second writing can't be reached in case of sequential reading only by a small margin but in case of sequential writing we saw with 216 MByte/second values far beyond what is… Go To Full Article

DUH! Question of the day: Is it worth upgrading your notebook to an SSD drive?

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OCZ sent me one of their fancy new Hypersonic notebooks around this time last year and today it is still quite a powerhouse for what I do with it, especially considering its size. People often mistake it for a netbook,… Go To Full Article

Ati Radeon Hd 4890 1024mb

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The reviewed graphics card is somewhere between RADEON HD 4870 1GB and HD 4870 X2 in terms of performance and price, but closer to the former, of course. The new product is positioned against GeForce GTX 275, which corresponds to… Go To Full Article

ASUS EAH4890 TOP Radeon HD 4890 RV790

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The graphics card market is as competitive as the CPU market and AMD have recently released their latest weapon – the Radeon HD 4890. We take a look at it in the form of Asus’ EAH4890 so read on if… Go To Full Article

Inno3D iChill GTX275 Review

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The Inno3D iChill GTX 275 with Arctic Cooling Accelero XXX cooler performed great in testing, and being factory overclocked definitely helped. The temperatures never got close to reaching 50C, and the fan noise was bearable even at 100% as it… Go To Full Article

MSI N260GTX Lightning Black Edition Video Card Review

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As the GTX260 is a pretty balanced video card in the scheme of things against the competition from ATI and other cards in this price range, the MSI card would logically be a faster version of that card. The card… Go To Full Article

ASUS Rampage II Gene LGA1366 mATX Motherboard Review

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The Gene is a fully functioning Intel X58 powered motherboard, complete with the overclocking heritage of the ROG line and ready for whatever hardware you can throw at it. This motherboard is designed to challenge small form factor case modders… Go To Full Article

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