Topower PowerBird 900W Power Supply

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For Topower's first showing here at Overclockers Online, they have done a great job. The PowerBird series combines the best of performance, features, and of course, affordability. For the $200 dollar range, Topower has its audience sorted… Go To Full Article

Glacialtech Igloo 5058 Light E Heatsink Review

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A funny thing has happened to CPUs, their not as hot as they used to be. In some cases, Intel Core 2 Duo processors are pushing out as little as 65W, while some Celeron chips output just 35W of heat!… Go To Full Article

Auras Fridge (JES-988) VGA Cooler Review

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The Auras Fridge VGA Heatsink arrived Technic3D. Auras Fridge supports also VGA cards from NVIDIA Geforce 8800GT and 9600GT series. The VGA coolers comes with place for two 120mm Fans. See you in the following Review the Fridge on a… Go To Full Article

Battlefield Heroes Performance Comparison

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Battlefield has been one of the biggest gaming franchises of the decades with numerous sequels and incarnations of the game, most recently on the consoles with Bad Company. The latest version for PC Gamers is Battlefield Heroes which is a… Go To Full Article

MSI Overclocking ChampionShip Movie Report

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MSI is organizing the first MSI European Overclocking Challenge in Amsterdam on August 22, 23 and 24. To win this battle the overclockers will have to use all their skills and knowledge. Which spectacular cooling methods can be expected from… Go To Full Article

ViewSonic shows off 22-inch 120Hz LCD monitor at NVISION 08

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Nvidia's NVISION 08 starts off today and one of the first bangs coming from the San Jose event is the showcasing of a ViewSonic 120Hz LCD monitor. The prototype built by ViewSonic has a 22-inch diagonal, a 3ms gray-to-gray response… Go To Full Article

Photosynth Hands On: makes panoramas pop

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Microsoft generated plenty of buzz two years ago when it first announced Photosynth. In a nutshell, Photosynth is a technology that can piece together multiple images of an area or object from multiple angles to create virtual worlds and walkthroughs… Go To Full Article

AMD's Deneb: Good News, Bad News

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The company simply cannot go on as it is indefinitely. That doesn't mean it's doomed, but it does mean that if AMD survives, it's going to be a much different company than it has been. Problem is, no one outside… Go To Full Article

Compro Launches VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card

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VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T & Analog TV/FM Card Not just watch analog and digital TV at once or record TV shows using hardware MPEG-1/2 compression, Compro VideoMate Vista E900F PCIe Dual DVB-T &…

Antec TruePower Quattro 850W

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The Antec TruePower Quattro 850W comes complete with racing stripes and our testing of this electrified monster shows these stripes may be well earned. So buckle up, insert key, and lets turn on this engine to see how she performs.… Go To Full Article

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