OWC 2GB Apple MacBook SODIMM DDR2 RAM Kit Review

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After installing the OWC 2GB (1024MB x 2) Matched Pair DDR2 PC2-5300 667MHz DIMMs the computer RAM much faster under VMware. I could change mailboxes in outlook with lag of only a second at most. Running Photoshop Elements was also… Go To Full Article

Apevia X-QPack 2 Review

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So you want to go to your LAN party but really can’t be bothered to hump around your humongous PC case weighing in at more than a man can carry? Well, Apevia (formerly Aspire) feel your pain and have come… Go To Full Article

Zaward VIVO PCJ004 Exposed Copper Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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Many manufacturers search out designs that will help them develop a product known for extraordinary performance. Benchmark Reviews has already reviewed many of the very best CPU coolers available to enthusiasts, from the very unique and original Zaward Sylphee ZCJ003… Go To Full Article

VisionTek Radeon HD 2400 Pro

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Despite the fact that we all wish to own the best graphic cards on the market, the reality is that not all of us can afford or need the top of the line 8800 GTX or HD 2900XT. Many users… Go To Full Article

Antazone AS-C1000 INTEL/AMD Heatpipe CPU Cooler Review

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All in all this is a very poor showing from Antazone. Whilst the build quality was superb and the finish very clean and tidy the cooling performance and mounting solution really let this product down. I can't in good conscience… Go To Full Article

BFG 8600 GTS OC ThermoIntelligence

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BFG Tech who is best known for their overclocked NVIDIA cards which continue to carry a lifetime warranty have recently decided to mix it up in the cooling department. While they have offered full blown water block solutions for a… Go To Full Article

OCZ ProXStream 1000W Power Supply Review

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1000W power supplies are all over the place now so of course we would see one from OCZ. OCZ power supplies from the ModXStream and GameXStream series have been very popular with consumers. Today we will be looking at a… Go To Full Article

Google Presentations

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... just discovered i have a new button Import of powerpoint - file went flawless

Life With Vista

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Vista makes you look good naked. I've made the switch to Vista. Completely. My home theater PC and file server is running Home Premium x64, my gaming computer uses Vista Ultimate x64, and my laptop, my precious… Go To Full Article

Looking at Vista's I/O Performance

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Originally, we set out to compare various RAID and AHCI SATA controllers and what kind of performance we can expect with Vista. But problems during testing lead us elsewhere - this article. These preliminary testing clearly shows… Go To Full Article

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