Intel Core i5 750 pops up in Europe for €188

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[M] reader gnoy spotted Intel's upcoming CPU in an online webshop in Slovenia; with the official launch creeping closer; the abundance of reports of Core i5 CPUs in different stores, is promising news for those who want to get their… Go To Full Article

XBOX 360 Overheating Again... By Mass Effect 2 Demo This Time

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We've noticed Bioware's recent tweet saying that Mass Effect 2 demo is overheating Xboxes, which to tell you the truth is nothing out of the ordinary knowing Xbox's thermal characteristics. The team is apparently working round the… Go To Full Article

New C-PVA Solutions: Samsung SyncMaster F2080 and F2380

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This review will cover two very new monitors from Samsung: SyncMaster F2080 and F2380. Most of the company’s new products released in the last months are meant for home use and feature shiny plastic, bright buttons and other eye-catching elements,… Go To Full Article

Lower Power AMD X4 965 Planned, only 125W

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AMD has just launched the Phenom II X4 965 CPU and many have an issue with this 3.4GHz quad-core, as its TDP (Thermal Design Power) is at quite high, 140W to be exact. The good news is… Go To Full Article

XBOX (1) Slim Home-made

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Reminiscent of [Ben Heck]’s portable and laptop console mods, [Bandit5317] over at Xbox-Scene managed to fit the guts of an original Xbox into a custom-built slim case that measures just 2.5 centimeters thick. In his post, he describes some of… Go To Full Article

Intel VT Enabled CPUs Listed

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Find out if your CPU can use the Windows XP mode in Windows 7, which requires hardware virtualization. Some interesting entrees like the E7400 SLGW3 which does support VT, while E7500 and other revisions of E7400 don't. Go To Full Article

Intel Clarkdale and Havendale Benchmarked

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Clarkdale new dual-core processor design is based on Nehalem micro-architecture, based on Core micro-architecture greatly improved under the Loops Stream Detector, Out-of-Order Windows, Branch Predictor and Memory… Go To Full Article

AMD: We took the discrete mobile GPU lead

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Have you been seeing more mobile Radeons in notebooks lately? That may be no coincidence. With figures from Jon Peddie Research as evidence, AMD has put out a press release saying its graphics processors have captured more than half of… Go To Full Article

More NVIDIA Geforce Renaming Coming Up

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When the company launched its OEM parts for desktops and notebooks with GT120, G210 and GT220, we thought that renaming won't be happening - but we were wrong. According to information at hand, all of the newly released parts will… Go To Full Article

AMD to launch ATI Evergreen on historical USS Hornet aircraft carrier

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If there were any time for symbolism, the graphics guys at AMD definitely picked the right time and place. Initial batch of several tens of thousands of chips is now in the final stages of packaging and is about to… Go To Full Article

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