20" LCD Monitor Comparison - NEC vs Samsung

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The new LCD generation offers a whole new quality standard: great contrast, great dynamic range, smaller response time. Both the 16:10 solutions from NEC and Samsung tested today have completely satisfied our expectations. The NEC MultySync 20WGX2 is an absolute… Go To Full Article

8 Chipset Heatsinks Roundup

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In all the guides and articles, we often deal the argument in critical way but always the most possible objective, advising above all based on the tests that come carries out to you on the single products and from comparisons.… Go To Full Article

Matrox introduces digital DualHead2Go

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Matrox Graphics Inc., the leading manufacturer of professional graphics solutions, today announced the DualHead2Go Digital Edition, the next version to the acclaimed DualHead2Go, now featuring digital outputs. This external multi-display upgrade device connects to the VGA output of compatible notebook… Go To Full Article

OEM Windows Home Server Pictured

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So check it. I’m at the Waggener-Edstrom blogger lounge at the Venetian and they’ve got the highly-anticipated Microsoft Windows Home Server. This cylindrical, glowing piece of machinery is basically an easy to use, plug ‘n play server for the family.… Go To Full Article

AMD Asymmetric Physics Processing Requirements Revealed

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More information about ATI's long-awaited physics processing is finally trickling into light. ATI has named its GPU accelerated physics processing Asymmetric Physics Processing. Hardware requirements for Asymmetric Physics Processing include two AMD ATI Radeon based graphics… Go To Full Article

Dell UltraSharp 2707WFP Widescreen Display

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It's only been in the last year that widescreen desktop displays have become popular, even as the majority of consumer-oriented mobile PCs have become widescreen. In that year, we've seen several formats emerge, ranging from 19-inch, 1440x900 displays up through… Go To Full Article

R600 looking shaky for late February launch

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R600 is pretty much done. We got confirmation that the chips are just fine and there are no hardware errors or respins necessary. However, the chip is delayed and might not even make it for the scheduled late February planned… Go To Full Article

TDK Promotes 200GB Blu-Ray Discs Again

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TDK, a leading supplier of optical media, demonstrated at Consumer Electronics Show its high-capacity Blu-ray discs (BDs) and promised to ship smaller BDs later during the year. The company, however, provided neither timeframes, nor approximate pricing of the products announced.… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling @ CES 2007 - Passive VGA Coolers

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At this year's CES, Arctic Cooling unveiled their completely passive Accelero S Series. The coolers use heatpipes to transfer heat from the GPU to a large radiator-like surface that covers the whole video card. Go To Full Article

Asus EN8800 GTX Video Card - 4:3 & Widescreen Gameplay Evaluation

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We have a brand new ASUS EN8800 GTX installed on our high-end Core 2 Duo gaming machine. We dive into the gaming experience delivered in six popular new games. See how NVIDIA’s newest generation dominates the competition’s fastest offering.… Go To Full Article

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