Zaward Twin Towers Review

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Your chipset is usually covered with a trailing length of heatpipes connected to several ‘node’ heatsinks, combining anything hot into one heat removing clump of metal. While this method works, once you start overclocking, the PWM area’s heat is passed… Go To Full Article

Win a XFX 8800GT XXX

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A post on your site would be great if you can. Readers seem to be having alot of fun with this contest. Go To Full Article

Crucial Ballistix 12800 DDR3 2gb kit

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In the past the Ballistix range from Crucial has stunned us with its overclocking ability right from DDR, through to DDR2 and now DDR3. Today we are taking a look at Crucial's new 12800 overclocking pair of modules; let see… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX KHX9600D2K2/2G DDR2 2GB Memory Kit

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The Kingston didn't come close to its enormous 1,200MHz rated speed on our Abit P35 test platform but neither did the OCZ we used for comparison. Of course that's disappointing but the KHX9600 was rock-steady and delivered… Go To Full Article

Rumours say AMD's Hector to leave Monday

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The rumour is simple, Dirk Meyer will replace Hector Monday. Why? Several things. First, Meyer was appointed to the board a week or so ago, and now he is set to keynote Oracle World and Taxidermy School Monday. Go To Full Article

NVIDIA's new High end expected to arrive Q1 2008

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The whole new high-end is codenamed D8E. Enthusiasts will have two chipsets on two PCB's with two huge power connectors. Most of you remember the 7950 GX2, and this will be a similar card. We still have to confirm if… Go To Full Article

AMD HD 3870 listed in US for $268.99

@ 2007/11/09 read/post comments(0) has jumped the guns on HD3870 and Radeon HD3850 cards and it looks that we finally have the American prices. The card is listed as HD 3870 PCIE 512MB GDDR4 HDMI CTLRDVI DUAL MONITOR SUPPORT and it will cost… Go To Full Article

Need Help Finding Your 8800 GT? (US/Canada Readers)

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These cards are available in limited numbers! The “stock” ALPHA DOG EDITION 8800 for $249.99 (600MHz/1.8GHz clocks); the ExTreme for $279.99 (640MHz/1.9GHz clocks); and the XXX for $299.99 (670/1.95GHz clocks). This offer is good for North America only and Canadian… Go To Full Article

Next-generation NVIDIA Codenames Revealed

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As 2007 comes to a close, the company will ramp production on ninth-generation components to replace the eighth-generation 65nm parts, D8x. Sound familiar? It should, as NVIDIA is almost exactly replicating Intel's tick-tock strategy of alternate cycles of design and… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Records First Billion Dollar Quarter

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After hearing quarterly earnings reports from Intel, AMD, Apple and Microsoft, it's now time to hear what's shaking from the guys in Santa Clara, California. NVIDIA today reported that it brought in a record revenue of $1.12 billion USD for… Go To Full Article

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