Toshiba’s New Dual-Platter 240GB HDD is 1.8" in Size

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Toshiba Corp.’s storage device division on Tuesday unveiled the world’s highest capacity hard disk drive (HDD) in 1.8” form-factor. The new 240GB and 120GB drives from Toshiba not only boast with record capacities, but also set the world’s record in… Go To Full Article

Chaintech APOGEE GT DDR2-1150 4GB Memory Kit

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When we started working with Chaintech here at TweakTown, we were about 1-2 years into the life we now know as the hardware review industry. Chaintech jumped onboard as one of the hardware suppliers back then and their portfolio consisted… Go To Full Article

Stalker: Clear Sky - Micro stuttering with Geforce GTX 260 SLI

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Micro stuttering is not restricted to a single producer. Nvidia, Ati/AMD and S3 Graphics use the same multi GPU rendering: Alternate Frame Rendering (AFR). In the print article we visualize the frame displacement of a Geforce 9800 GX2, a Radeon… Go To Full Article

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000 Terabyte Hard Drive

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Hitachi LOGOFor many years, hard disk drives were large, cumbersome devices, more suited to use in the protected environment of data centres or large offices than in a harsh industrial environment (due to their delicacy), or small office or home… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte's GA-GC230D Atom Mini-ITX motherboard

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The Intel Atom certainly isn't incapable, it's just not as hardcore as modern performance CPUs and for the cost it's a good base for very low power, very low cost bare bones PC or any number of other uses: NAS… Go To Full Article

Leadtek WinFast PX9500GT

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Are you one of the many computer users that just can't justify spending $300 to $500 on a single video card? Or maybe you are looking for a solution for that Home Theater PC (HTPC)? Well today we're going to… Go To Full Article

'Brain control' Emotiv headset

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Though their press conference on Tuesday night was ... well, it was a disaster (watch our video to relive every cringe-inducing moment), that didn't stop the electroencephalographers at Emotiv from demoing their technology on the GDC show floor to, evidently,… Go To Full Article

Lawyers slap Nvidia with chip glitch lawsuit

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Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang and CFO Marvin Burkett are accused of concealing the defect for eight months, even though – according to the allegations (pdf) – they knew of "these unprecedented failure rates, as well as their ‘root causes’” as… Go To Full Article

[M] Geforce 9500 GT SLI vs Geforce 9600 GT Performance Comparison

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Not too long ago NVIDIA launched their new entry level video card, the Geforce 9500 GT. Today we take a closer look at what extra performance can be had when you add a second card in your system; we compare… Go To Full Article

SPARKLE Launches Geforce 9800 GTX+ with Custom PCB and Cooling

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SPARKLE Launches Geforce 9800 GTX+ with Custom PCB and Cooling Taipei, Taiwan – September 10, 2008 - SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd., the…

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