BioShock sequel confirmed

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Take-Two Interactive confirmed that plans for a sequel for the successful “BioShock” video game are already on the drawing board for a future game release. In response to a question during a recent investor conference call, Take-Two Chairman Strauss Zelnick… Go To Full Article

Intel 45nm Fab to Open in 45 Days

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Most of Intel's current chips are built with a process that permits 65-nanometer circuitry elements, but the new 45-nanometer process will mean more circuits can fit on the same area of silicon wafer. Go To Full Article

Lamborghini Reventon boasts configurable displays

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It looks like Lamborghini's new extremely limited Reventon won't have any trouble attracting attention inside or out, with its eye-catching exterior backed up by a fully tricked-out interior, including "completely customizable" displays. In addition to displaying all the usual vehicle-related… Go To Full Article

LaCie lays out 500GB Golden Disk external HDD

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Just in case LaCie's LEGO / Porsche-inspired hard drives don't excite you, the firm is apparently looking to snatch your business another way: by gilding an external HDD and waving it in your grille. The Golden Disk itself is an… Go To Full Article

Word 2007 Vs. Open Office 2.3 Writer

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Bruce Byfield of has just posted his third Office shootout between Microsoft Office and Open Office. This is the first version comparing the new Microsoft Word 2007 with Writer from the latest version of Open Office. The verdict: while… Go To Full Article

ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT 1GB CrossFire Review

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We have last discussed the performance of multi-processor graphics solutions in the era of previous generation GPUs, such as Radeon X1000 and GeForce 7. Today we are going to return to this topic and cover it on a completely new… Go To Full Article

Gainward 8800 Ultra Video Card Review

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Nearly a year on from the release of the 8800GTX, the 8 series cards from nVidia are still dominating the top end of the graphical performance market. The top of this range with most companies is the "Ultra", a higher… Go To Full Article

Intel X6800 Core 2 Extreme Dual Core Processor Review

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But where does this processor really fit in? Is it worth the ~US$1000 current pricetag or is there something that is faster from Intel that can be purchased for the same money? Well, for one thing, you won't need a… Go To Full Article

abit IP35 Pro Off Limits Motherboard Review

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For years, Universal abit has been manufacturing top of the line motherboards, and the trend still continues with the IP35 Pro. This motherboard is loaded features that any enthusiast or mainstream user would enjoy. The Intel P35 chipset is at… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake V1 Universal CPU cooler Review

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Today, Thermaltake has grown into a world-class company with state-of-the-art testing and R&D facility based in Taiwan along with 60+ engineers and ID team covering each application segment such as Liquid Cooling, Air Cooling, PC Enclosure and… Go To Full Article

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