Win Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio 7.1 Soundcard Review

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Competition is world wide and open to all. Ends on the 21st of August at which point the winner will be picked at random. Admin decision is final. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte's Anechoic & Thermal Test Chambers

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Gigabyte arranged an exclusive tour for SPCR of its impressive anechoic and thermal testing chambers in Taipei during Computex 2007. These are among the ultimate tools for acoustic/thermal analysis. Here's a mini-tour for SPCR readers. Go To Full Article

VIZO Uranus URA-350SA eSATA and USB Hard Drive Enclosure Review

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Got a Spare hard drive laying around? No more room in that crammed-full case? Look no further, VIZO has come up with yet another option for those spare hard drives! Touting a beautiful look and an excellent… Go To Full Article

Intel Desktop Board DG33BU Review

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In the last couple of weeks, we were able to present you a few high-quality motherboards with an integrated graphics. All of them were based on AMD's controller logic, i.e. AMD 690G chipset, which proved to be a Go To Full Article

ECS G33T-M2 MicroATX Motherboard

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It's just about time for school, and everyone is looking to upgrade their current computer or to build an inexpensive computer that will get the requested tasks done. Maybe you just need another computer for the kids or grandparents, but… Go To Full Article

Nexus Frizzbee Hard Drive Cooler Review

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Often times we do things that aren't really necessary. Computers are no exception. Do cold cathodes and plastic windows give you more headshots? Will that 1600 watt power supply ever use more than even half its rated wattage? Does buying… Go To Full Article

Prototype LCD Display Solves Problem with Viewing Angles

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Virtually everyone has used an LCD display of some sort from a computer display, phone display or a portable gaming device to your HDTV. The problem inherent in the design of an LCD screen is viewing angles tend to be… Go To Full Article

OCZ Releases SPD Reprogramming Utility

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OCZ Technology this week opened up a public beta test of its SPD-Z utility. The SPD-Z utility allows users to reprogram the SPD chip on OCZ memory modules. The SPD chip on memory modules contains information of the module‚Äôs capabilities,… Go To Full Article

[M] Sunbeamtech 3D Storm ATX Case Review

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This new case from Sunbeamtech features three 120mm fans to cool down the hardware nested inside, we stress test the enclosure with a high end VGA card as well as a mid-range one to see if their new 3D core-fan… Go To Full Article

box 360 Gaming with a Wiimote

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I (like many others) am a proud owner of a Wii60. Us Wii60 owners feel that we've got gaming all covered. Our Xbox 360 gives us top-class hard core online gaming in high definition. Our Wii gives us really unique… Go To Full Article

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