Zerotherm Zen FZ120

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As we all know, processors are getting faster and as a by-product produce far more heat than they have in years past. Many of us remember the days when there was simply a small heatsink on top of a processor… Go To Full Article

Zerotherm Zen FZ120 CPU Cooler

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The Zerotherm Zen FZ120 is a conventional, high performance, tower heatsink — it has four U-shaped heatpipes, tightly packed fins, and a 120mm PWM fan attached via wire clips. It sports a few curves and contours reminiscent of the BTF80/BTF90… Go To Full Article

Patriot Memory Launches the DASH, a New Capless USB Drive

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Patriot Memory Launches the DASH, a New Capless USB Drive Fremont, California, USA, June 24, 2008 - Patriot Memory, a global provider of premium memory module and flash memory solutions, launched their latest addition to… Go To Full Article

Gainward goes ATI

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Gainward is going to announce reference designed HD 4850 and HD 4870 cards. We have seen this happen when Nvidia launched its 8-series cards, and this time it's the other way around. Let's just hope, for Nvidia's sake, that Gainward… Go To Full Article

AMD releases ATI All-In-Wonder HD card

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I had to think a bit about the last AiW card and ATI’s struggles with HDTV at the time. Just for the record, the X1900 version was released in January 2006, a few months before the ATI’s acquisition through AMD… Go To Full Article

Modded PhysX drivers accelerate ATI Hardware?

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Photoshop, Modded Drivers, True/False? Who knows, nice screenie though! Go To Full Article

2003 Bill Gates email reveals frustrations with Windows XP

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While Bill Gates' imminent retirement from Microsoft is understandably a cause for some quiet moments of reflection for some, it's also given folks an excuse to dig up some tidbits from Gates' tenure that have somehow gone unnoticed or unheralded… Go To Full Article

Outrage over physics drivers: Is Nvidia guilty?

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Summing up, AMD claims that the ForceWare 177.39 driver "fools" the 3DMark Vantage benchmark. We're not so sure. Ageia has built a very solid library of titles that use the PhysX API. Being a standard library within the Unreal Engine… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Responds To GPU PhysX Cheating Allegations

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During the benchmark install, a runtime library is updated to allow the test to run on the GPU and then during the test, it addresses the benchmark DLLs to the GPU instead of the PPU or CPU. Nothing within the… Go To Full Article

AMD 4850 Single/Crossfire

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Although its always nice to occupy the highest performance position, AMD knows very well that the mainstream sector is what sells a lot more. They surprised everyone with their 3850 card last year which performed decently for a mainstream product.… Go To Full Article

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