Intel Xeon 3450 Processor

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Surely, Xeon X3450 and especially X3440 are more interesting for overclockers than Core i7 860 (cheaper, easier to overclock, demonstrate similar results at the same frequencies) or i5 750 (faster at the same frequencies). This is a curious phenomenon, considering… Go To Full Article

Massachusetts company plans to market wireless electricity system

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A Massachusetts company said that within 18 months it will have on the market a wireless electricity system to power -- through the air -- lights, computers, televisions and even the chargers for electric cars. The announcement… Go To Full Article

Run Wii games at 1080p on your PC

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I had already talked about Dolphin’s remarkable qualities in a previous post, being it the only emulator currently capable of replicating a Nintendo Wii console on PC and running some commercial games. Another, impressive confirmation of the emulator capabilities comes… Go To Full Article

Apple ditches 32nm Arrandale, won't use Intel graphics

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In just a few weeks Intel will launch its 32+45nm dual-core+iGFX Fusion processor, and the OEMs have jumped onboard with the Calpella designs [codename for PM55-chipset based platform]. However, there is one company that doesn't care... Apple…

Intel Cancels Larrabee Retail Products

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We just got off the phone with Nick Knupffer of Intel, who confirmed something that has long been speculated upon: the fate of Larrabee. As of today, the first Larrabee chip’s retail release has been canceled. This means that Intel… Go To Full Article

iPhone flops in China, only 5! units sold... at $1000/piece

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However, in the time since, the iPhone has proved an epic flop in China even as Chinese telecoms try to defend their weak sales. One major problem is price. The phone is available in China for 6,999 yuan, or $1,024… Go To Full Article

ATI Catalyst™ Driver Hotfix to improve Dirt 2 performance

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AMD has developed a Hotfix to resolve this issue. This Hotfix applies only to PCI-Express graphic card in the Radeon™ HD-series. Quote: Go To Full Article

Robin Williams - A hard-core gamer

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In a recent appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon TV show [Robin Williams interview, YouTube video], Robin openly spoke about his love for gaming including the part where he named his daughter upon a character from The Legend of… Go To Full Article

Take a virtual tour of Pompeii

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Google Street View took their camera to Pompeii; now you can visit the city without leaving your comfy chair. Go To Full Article

Passware releases tool to crack Microsoft's BitLocker

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Passware, a software firm that provides password recovery, decryption, and evidence discovery software for computer forensics, has updated its flagship application this week to support breaking Microsoft's BitLocker hard drive encryption. Passware Kit Forensic version 9.5 can recover encryption keys… Go To Full Article

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