ATI HD4870X2 and Microstuttering

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In the past months we have read a lot of reports of in microstuttering popular games like Crysis, GRID and others when they were ran on a system with multiple GPUs inside. The HD3870X2 was not different in this aspect… Go To Full Article

Moneual Lab Moncaso 972 HTPC Case Review

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This case offers just about everything one would need in a HTPC enclosure, although it comes at a steep price of around $500. For someone who is serious about building the ultimate media center system the Moncaso 972 is hard… Go To Full Article

Intel Core 2 Duo E7300 vs E7200

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Today Intel finishes giving to light four children: The Q9650 and Q9400, of 4 nuclei, and E8600 and E7300 of two. Today we reviewed in MADBOXPC the economic model of the four, the E7300 that probably will be of interest… Go To Full Article

Antec Twelve Hundred Case Review

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Antec Twelve Hundred is a full-tower case targeted to gamers, with an impressive number of cooling options (six fans with speed control for all of them and also a switch to turn the top fan LED on or off), twelve… Go To Full Article

Seasonic M12-700W 12CM Modular Power Supply Review

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Well today I will be reviewing a 700W power supply from a company you all should know by now. It’s from a company that I’ve said is among the best in the industry and kick started the 80PLUS program mainstream.… Go To Full Article

Intel Atom vs. VIA Nano Platform Comparo

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While we concentrate on this sector, the focus is now moving towards the lower end of the spectrum. VIA has really cornered this market in the past when it came to ultra compact PCs; EPIA has been VIA’s biggest success… Go To Full Article

Sapphire HD 4870 512 MB Video Card Review

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With the recent release of the new ATI 48XX GPU's we've seen something that we haven't seen for a while: Ati GPU's in a direct head to head competition with the offerings from NVIDIA. Not only in a price for… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX 2GB PC3-14400 XMP

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A few months ago, I reviewed a DDR3 kit from Kingston that supported 1800MHz operation at fairly fast timings. It was criticized by some that the modules did not include XMP information to aid in easy system setup. Fast forward… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Silent FAN, Xigmatek XLF Series, Enermax Everest

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The fan, CPU or cabinet, has a paramount importance in terms of cooling performance. Today, the 120 mm is a standard, even unavoidable, because it is increasingly used but also sought. Our test covers 3 days fans of this size:… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Silent Pro 700W

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So, would we buy the Silent Pro 700W? It certainly takes precedent over the now ageing but still hugely popular Corsair HX series, though when you compare it to the Dark Power Pro 650W it doesn't quite cut it. Don't… Go To Full Article

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