Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS4 Mainboard: a Short Step Away from Ideal

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Today we are going to talk about an excellent product from Gigabyte, a mainboard that is almost ideal from many aspects. How can we make the word “almost” go away here? Find out from our article! Go To Full Article

64GB SSD on the Desktop: Samsung and OCZ go mainstream

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Regardless of availability, both drives perform the same on the desktop, as we will see today. We have several other SSD drives arriving in the near future, including the new MLC based units with third generation controllers from SuperTalent, Crucial,… Go To Full Article

[M] TwinTech and Vvikoo overclocked 9600GT, 5-way roundup

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For quite some time now NVIDIA has allowed their partners to sell their reference products at overclocked speeds with a custom VGA cooler. Today we take a look at two of such none-reference clocked 9600GT video cards, one from newcomer… Go To Full Article

AMD GAME! Enables Console-like Simplicity for Mainstream PCs

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AMD GAME! Enables Console-like Simplicity for Mainstream PCs — For the 263 million mainstream PC gamers worldwide, AMD GAME! stands for exhilarating HD gaming experiences with full PC functionality— SUNNYVALE, Calif. — May 19,… Go To Full Article

Corsair Dominator PC2-9136 4GB Memory Kit Review

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Corsair knows enthusiasts and the performance we demand from our components. Since 1994 the guys over in Fremont, California have met that demand by providing some of the highest quality memory in the market. Within the past couple of years,… Go To Full Article

Gelid GC1 High Performance Thermal Compound Review

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The company in question is from Hong Kong, and goes by the name of Gelid Solutions. They are still working or their marketing side of things, and have asked that we obscure any pictures of their packaging.… Go To Full Article

MSI P7N Diamond Review

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With the positive results I achieved with on the last 780i board I tested still fresh in my mind, I was looking forward to pushing the MSI P7N Diamond to the absolute limit. Unfortunately, the limit came rather quickly. I… Go To Full Article

ECS 8800GT N8800GT-256MX Review

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If the price comes down as it was recently at $129.99 (after MIR), the 256MB version is easy to recommend. Performance on the ECS 8800GT 256MX card was less than the other 8800GT cards we have reviewed, mainly due to… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 Review

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Building a new machine and want DDR3 support? Then the X48T-DQ6 should be up for consideration. It offers great performance, very stable high overclocks (500MHz) and lots of connectivity, including a full eight USB ports at the back. The layout… Go To Full Article

Aeneon DDR3-1600 4GB XMP RAM AXH860UD20-16H

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Windows Vista has given the hardware industry a good reason to feed Microsoft's pig of an Operating System nothing but the finest high-performance hardware. The very first thing I noticed during testing was the incredibly sluggish performance compared to Windows… Go To Full Article

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