HD4670 Crossfire-X up to 63% performance efficiency

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Zolkorn, a famous overclocker, has been testing the HD4670 in dual and triple CF configuration. Using three 3D benchmarks, we see a very decent performance scaling of the 4670 when adding a third card to your CF platform, having a… Go To Full Article

AMD announces move to 32nm

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Backed by a strong investor, AMD has plans to expand its production lines — and future foundry service providers — fab 36 and fab 38 in Dresden. During a congress in Munich, Udo Nothelfer, Vice President Manufacturing and Technology for… Go To Full Article

Database Of Failing Hard Drive Sounds

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These are some typical sounds we hear in our data recovery lab. If your drive makes noises like these please fill out our simple evaluation form to get a fast quote on data recovery services. To listen to the… Go To Full Article

ASUS Rampage II Extreme

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This is one of those polarizing products. You probably already know if you love it, or if you hate it. You know if you want it or wouldn’t touch it. You know if you understand what all the features are… Go To Full Article

Google Stock Falls Below $300 A Share

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Google’s year long stock slide has brought shares in the company down to the $290 mark. This is the first time since 2005 that shares in Google have dipped below the $300 marks. This time last year Google’s stock was… Go To Full Article

Benchmarks Show Windows 7 Pre-Beta to be Bloated, With Compatibility Issues

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One key Windows 7 feature driven home again and again by Microsoft's Windows team is the superior system performance with respect to Vista. The team, at the recent Professional Developers Conference (PDC), showed off a netbook apparently running the OS… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake BigTyp 14Pro Cooler Review

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Everyone waited for this cooler to arrive, refused to settle for less and believed that IT will be the best. Let’s find out today if these hopes came true from our review of THE new cooler from Thermaltake. Go To Full Article

Roundup: Touch of Color Monitor Series from Samsung

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Samsung engineers have always been by far among the best when it comes to exterior monitor design. However, they have absolutely outdone themselves in the Samsung Touch of Color aka ToC series. We are going to talk about 6 monitors… Go To Full Article

Gmail gets video chat functionality

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Google just keeps adding features to its web-based apps. This time, as CNet News reports, the company has built video and voice chat features into its Gmail web-based e-mail software. The functionality started rolling out to users yesterday afternoon, and… Go To Full Article

AMD Shanghai Launch - Database Testing

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The Opterons are the clear leaders from a power perspective. Shanghai uses approximately 12% less power than Barcelona. Intel uses 27% to 46% more power than Shanghai, depending on the DIMM configuration. At all load points, Shanghai is the clear… Go To Full Article

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