GlacialTech Altair A380 Media Center PC Case Review

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GlacialTech is not exactly a common name when it comes to computer components, and when I agreed to review one of their new products it was actually the first time I had ever heard of them. They are a fairly… Go To Full Article

Low-cost Laptop effort sued in Nigeria for $20 million

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LANCOR (Lagos Analysis Corporation), a Nigerian company headquartered in Massachusetts, has sued One Laptop Per Child for $20 million in damages and an injunction blocking OLPC from distribution in Nigeria. Go To Full Article

[M] In-Win Allure MicroATX Designer Case Review

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In-Win has a flashy microATX in their product lineup, the Allure comes in white color with fancy flower pattern and small footprint. Designed to blend in with its environment will certainly please the ladies. Let's take a closer look… Go To Full Article

[M] DFI LANParty LT X38-T2R Overclocking Review

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Windwithme takes a look at DFI latest board, based on X38 Intel Chipset, here are his thoughts: "If you want a upgrade VGA platform, X38 is almost a best choice for you, particularly it has dual x16 VGA and PCIe2.0… Go To Full Article

R700 has taped out

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Yeah, R700 is in the process of being fabbed now, or at least its components are. The component thing is a story for another day, the part that matters is that R700 bits are in the oven now and things… Go To Full Article

Glass shortage threatens higher LCD prices

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A CHINESE SITE claimed that the glass substrates used to manufacture LCD monitors and TVs will be in short supply this year because Corning will do maintenance work on its furnaces. Whether that matters or not is… Go To Full Article

CrossfireX quad driver expected in January

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The Crossfire X driver is the great big hope for ATI's graphics future. There is a lot at stake with this driver. The success of R680, dual RV670 card hangs in the balance, as this driver has to be able… Go To Full Article

Big Water vs. Big Typhoon

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Today we are going to talk about a compact liquid-cooling system from Thermaltake and its duel against a popular and highly efficient air-cooler. Read the detailed system review and performance results in our new article. Go To Full Article

Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6 - Redefining the High End?

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A couple of weeks ago, we were able to provide a small glimpse of the high-end extreme benchmarking that the DDR3 based GA-X48T-DQ6 is capable of in current form. We managed a clean sweep of current single card 8800 GTS… Go To Full Article

Sapphire Atomic HD 3870 Review

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So what would I consider Atomic about the Sapphire HD 3870 Atomic Edition? Well, as for it packing an Atomic punch in performance, no. With the heatsink being a single slot cooling solution, it does it have the efficiency to… Go To Full Article

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