Scythe Orochi 10-Heatpipe CPU Cooler

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I have seen more than my fair share of coolers in the past ranging from the more conservative OEM coolers to the weird and wonderful world of aftermarket coolers. So you might think that I wouldn’t want to review any… Go To Full Article

Ati Radeon Hd 4870 512mb

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Last time we tested RADEON HD 4850 in games. Now we got hold of the higher-end HD 4870 with GDDR5 memory. Even though it has the same architecture and the same number of processing units, we decided to compare it… Go To Full Article

Crucial 32GB Solid State Drive Review

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Hard drives are constantly getting larger and cheaper as the technology improves, but their speed increases only marginally each year because they are limited by their inherent mechanical nature. No matter how efficient an algorithm or the overall design might… Go To Full Article

Sunbeamtech 9-Bay Acrylic Case Review

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For many geeks acrylic cases are a dream coming true. Sunbeamtech currently manufactures five models and even though theoretically acrylic is a material more expensive than steel, Sunbeamtech is able to market their acrylic products between USD 50 to USD… Go To Full Article

Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 EPP2.0 Memory Review

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The Corsair XMS3 4GB DDR3 1600 EPP2.0 Kit arrived Technic3D. Technic3D will see as good they are with Overclocking against the OCZ 1.800 Memory Kit and the Dominator Series on Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 and the Zotac nForce 790i Mainboard.… Go To Full Article

Noctua NF-P12 Case Fan Review

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Overall the NF-P12 performs excellently. Running at full power you can feel a strong air flow which is all we can really ask for in most instances. Additionally just running the fan outside of the case to try it out,… Go To Full Article

Analog Devices bails on SoundMAX, PC audio

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Analog Devices' SoundMAX line of audio codecs has been one of the more notable integrated audio options in PC motherboards for some time now. SoundMAX solutions have found their way into motherboards from Intel and Asus, among others, and have… Go To Full Article

Scythe Zipang CPU Cooler Review

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Scythe is renowned for their uber large CPU coolers. These high performance coolers are normally a favourite among gamers and overclockers alike. However, silencing is normally a large problem that is entailed on a large variety of these heat sink… Go To Full Article

AMD to launch 40/45nm GPUs in early 2009, RV870 is one of them

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AMD has one or two plans for next year, not that we would call them surprises, but they do have some shock value. AMD is first of all going to shrink things with the RV740 core. If you hadn't already… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Brings SLI Technology to Intel Bloomfield CPU Platforms

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NVIDIA Brings SLI Technology to Intel Bloomfield CPU Platforms SANTA CLARA, CA—JULY 14, 2008—PC enthusiasts, manufacturers, and developers around the world have a lot to be excited about today with NVIDIA Corporation’s announcement that it will… Go To Full Article

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