Multi-GPU Performance in Vista

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For starters, it seems that the belated age of multi-GPU performance in Vista has begun -- but it's still in its infancy. But is the current situation better for the NVIDIA camp, or the ATI/AMD camp? Go To Full Article

Intel Developer Forum 2007: Day 2

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Today we are going to talk about mobility. Mobile Penryn, Montevina platform, Silverthorne and more WiMAX (Echo Peak solution). Also we will touch upon the innovative features of the upcoming mobile platforms that will help increase battery life and lower… Go To Full Article

Asus First Out Of The Gate With X38 Motherboard

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Express Gate is actually a self contained instant-on environment that boots before the OS and gives you basic web connectivity as well as Skype and other functionality, like access to the BIOS and more. The EPU (hiding underneath the socket… Go To Full Article

OCZ PC2-9200 FlexXLC 2GB Dual Channel Memory Review

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OCZ has long been equipping its memory modules with fancy thermal solutions, partly to make them stand out on store shelves, partially to address heat from overclocking and over-volting. In this review, OCZ brings to the table the most hardcore… Go To Full Article

INTEL QX6850 Quad Core Extreme Processor Review

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A lot of us are asking that question these days, and to be honest, AMD had better arrive on the scene soon, as INTEL's most recent releases offer only a modest improvement over their predecessors. Looking at it Go To Full Article

Tackling the cell phone unlock game

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I've heard complaints from the savviest of techies that even though their U.S. cell phones now work with networks in the U.K., the rest of Europe and Asia, they're getting burned with some serious roaming and usage charges. … Go To Full Article

More Keynotes, X38 Skulltrail, PCI Express 3.0 And 32nm

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Pat next focused on Intel’s current and future I/O innovations. He talked about the Tulapi SOC (System on a Chip) accelerator and then spoke of USB 3.0. According to Pat, USB 3.0 will offer a 10X increase in performance over… Go To Full Article

OCZ DDR2 PC2-6400 Vista Performance Platinum 4GB

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Today we are taking a look at the OCZ 4GB PC2-6400 DDR2-800 memory kit. OCZ has been supplying us with memory kits to review for awhile. All my personal systems run OCZ memory. There is just something about sticking with… Go To Full Article

Biostar TF7050-M2

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Biostar, with this TF7050-M2, proposes a low-price motherboard, very versatile and suitable to different usages: for example, in a HTPC or in a PC built for Lan Partys. The layout of this motherboard presents some disadvantages, but the boards is… Go To Full Article

NesteQ ECS 5001 500W PSU Review

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The NesteQ ECS 5001 500W PSU arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU with a very high efficiency. Make the Easy Connecting System for the cables and Smart Fan Controlling System this PSU better… Go To Full Article

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