AMD accelerates Office 2010 with GPU power

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AMD has revealed that the recently completed Office 2010 will make use the company's graphics circuits. Microsoft has developed the new production suite to make use of the power of GPUs and AMD says that this is possible with several… Go To Full Article

GlobalFoundries may partner up with UMC

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Soon, TSMC might have to deal with GlobalFoundries on its home turf. DigiTimes writes that rival Taiwanese foundry UMC plans to sell $404 million worth of its shares to an as-of-yet-unannounced third party—and there's a decent chance GlobalFoundries could be… Go To Full Article

Asus set to launch 12-inch Core i3/i5 Laptops

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NOTEBOOKS WITH INTEL's Core i range of processors appear to be getting shrinking and Asus smallest model should be the 12-inch UL20FT which is set to launch at Computex. The chassis should be similar to the UL20A, but we don't… Go To Full Article

Pac-Man is 30! Celebrate along with... Google?

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Visiting Google's homepage today will get you a fun surprise: a full, playable version of Pac-Man above the search bar. The logo is the center of the maze and the game recreates the sights and sounds of the game while… Go To Full Article

Intel Working On Reversed Hyper-Threading Technology

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According to Intel, the proposed hardware/software scheme outperforms previous hardware-only schemes to implement the idea of combining cores for executing single-thread applications in a multi-core design by more than 10% on average on Spec2006 for all configurations. Moreover, single-thread performance… Go To Full Article

Meet GUS, MSI's External Laptop Graphics

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Just when you thought the idea of external graphics for laptops was dead, MSI is here to save the day! ATI still seems unconvinced about its own XGP? and of course, the Asus XG Station went through more deaths and… Go To Full Article

My iPad tryst: I craved, I caved, I gave up

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Steve Jobs may blackball me for writing this, or even thinking it, but I think you should know: The iPad is useless. Beautiful, but useless. Go To Full Article

ASUS ROG Matrix 5870 Platinum

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ASUS is launching its new Radeon HD 5870 GPU based video card, the ASUS ROG Matrix 5870 Platinum Edition. ASUS has completely re-designed its 5870 to appeal to hardware enthusiasts and gamers alike, providing an incredible feature set with unprecedented… Go To Full Article

HP Creating Flexible, Solar Powered Watch For US Military

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It's no secret that the U.S. Forces get all sorts of cool gadget toys. But this one might be enough to make more than a few gadget enthusiasts really jealous. HP is crafting a one-of-a-kind flexible solar-powered commando watch for… Go To Full Article

Asus P7H55D-M EVO: Small LGA1156 Mainboard with Huge Functionality

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This is a review of a fully-functional microATX mainboard that has all necessary features and additional controllers, including USB 3.0. We will not only determine the performance improvement provided by this new interface, but will also check the mainboard performance… Go To Full Article

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