GlacialTech Igloo 5750 Silent CPU Cooler Review

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Today we will be looking at an aftermarket cooler that will be released shortly and is marketed as a not only a budget cooler but a “silent budget” CPU cooling solution. GlacialTech may be a newcomer to the marketplace, as… Go To Full Article

Asus Silent Knight II CPU Cooler Review

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Just as there are two basic types of people, the enthusiast peripheral market is made up of leaders and followers. Not content to mingle among the latter, Asus often leads the pack with innovative designs, and this week we're focusing… Go To Full Article

Moneual Labs M775 Mid Tower Professional Series Case Review

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The Moneaul Labs M775 Mid Tower Professional Series Case is what you would expect to find on the lower end of the spectrum. It includes only the basics of a computer case, lacking the innovative features that we like to… Go To Full Article

PowerColor HD 3650 512M GDDR3 Xtreme PCS

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Over the last few months, NVIDIA has been enjoying the high-end graphic card market with their current 8800 series. AMD was unable to compete with NVIDIA with their HD 2900 series but the situation is getting better with the introduction… Go To Full Article

3D Result Charts

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The i3DSpeed, a project of and, is dedicated to informing you about performance of a large number of graphics cards under Windows XP and Vista. Go To Full Article

Coolink presents GFXChilla VGA cooler

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Coolink presents GFXChilla VGA cooler Vienna / Taipei, February 12th 2008 - Coolink today presented its new GFXChilla VGA cooler. Employing 4 high-performance… Go To Full Article

Jet Engine powered Shopping Cart

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Wacky Andy Tyler sits in a 50mph shopping cart after fitting a JET ENGINE. Its metal glows red hot at temperatures up to 600°C, so he has to sit with his back to a heat shield. Go To Full Article

Intel's SkullTrail Extreme Platform

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Awhile back we looked at Intel's V8 system, kind of a proof of what is technically feasible using off the shelf components. Even though the performance in truly multithreaded applications was impressive, the gaming performance was somewhat lackluster, primarily because… Go To Full Article

Benchmarking the Benchmarks

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Do you want video card reviews that suggest “relative performance of a graphics card” based on timedemo benchmarks when some cards benchmark better than others, or do you want an evaluation of those video cards' in-game performance in the latest… Go To Full Article

[M] Thermalright IFX-14 CPU Cooler Review

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CPU coolers keep growing in size, this monster from Thermalright is proof of that. The Inferno Fire eXtinguisher is a heatsink large enough to accommodate up to three 140mm fans! Furthermore it comes with a separate smaller heatsink which sole… Go To Full Article

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