Danger Den MC-TDX 775 CPU Waterblock

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With all the new dual core and quad core processors in the market now a days using more and more power and producing more and more heat, many people need to upgrade their cooling, as well. For many, stock coolers… Go To Full Article

Noctua NF-P12 120mm Fan Review

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Many of us are not happy by the noise that our computers are making. I am one of those people, and I know how annoying fans can become especially when you want to work in a quiet environment. After hearing… Go To Full Article

Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB HDD Review

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With drives as large as 1TB (that’s a terabyte, you know… 1024GB) available in mainstream technology, the once considered monstrous 500 giggers now seem like pocket change and are the budget user’s choice buy. Today we’re going to have a… Go To Full Article

CSX Cases by Cooler Master

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CSX is a partnership between Cooler Master and Smooth Creations USA to provide professional-grade paint job and artwork for Cooler Master cases. So you can buy from them any Cooler Master case with an outstanding paint job. You can either… Go To Full Article

Sunbeamtech Freezing Storm review

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It's been a case bonanza the last few weeks here at BurnOutPC. We've looked at two Antec cases, two revoltec cases, and now it's time for Sunbeamtech to step into the game and see what their made of. Sunbeamtech has… Go To Full Article

Crysis 1.1 patch performance with Multi-GPU testing

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Just last week Crytek released a highly awaited first patch for Crysis which weighed in at 139MB and carried a number of rather large promises. While it was claimed that SLI/Crossfire performance would improve with this patch as well as… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake Armour+ case review

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The ThermalTake Armour+ is a good case and ticks nearly all the boxes, but for me personally it is let down by a horrible look, bizarre doors which really, honestly, confound me and the fact that it’s a bit too… Go To Full Article

FOXCONN previews BLACKOPS motherboard at CES 2008

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FOXCONN previews BLACKOPS motherboard at CES 2008 ES Show - Las Vegas, USA, January 10th 2008 – FOXCONN is previewing the next motherboard in its Quantum Force product line – “BLACKOPS”. It will be based…

TF2: Sentry Turret Case Mod

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OCZ Technology Group Unveils a Diverse Lineup of Cutting-Edge PC Technology

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OCZ Technology Group Unveils a Diverse Lineup of Cutting-Edge PC Technology at CES 2008, Continuing to Revolutionize Industry Standards CES 2008—Las Vegas, Nevada—January 11, 2008—OCZ Technology Group, Inc. (LSE: OCZ), a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high…

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