DFI LanParty LT X48-T2R

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Most computer users have a reminiscence of overclocking whenever they hear name DFI. This brand became famous during nForce4 chipset period. Even today, DFI doesn't have real competition in field of motherboards attended for AMD processors. In… Go To Full Article

NorthQ Black Magic Flex 650W & 850W Power Supplies

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Both of these power supplies are identical except for the specifications and connections. The 650W model is geared towards mid to high-end rigs and the 850W model is best suited high-end to hardcore computer systems. The NorthQ Black Magic Flex… Go To Full Article

AMD's upcoming 790GX mobos get an early showing

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AMD is not due to officially release its codenamed RS780D named 790GX chipset (along with SB750 chipset and AMD Overdrive Extreme overclock tweaking utility) until a little later but several companies were showing off their early design boards at Computex… Go To Full Article

Apevia X-Jupiter G-Type Case Review

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The Apevia X-Jupiter is an excellent entry into the full-tower market. Besides being very attractive and stylish, the X-Jupiter delivers a multitude of features such as four included 120mm fans (with an option for a fifth) a built in LCD… Go To Full Article

Aeneon XTUNE and Kingston ValueRAM DDR3-1333 Review

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After reviewing the OCZ PC3-10666 ReaperX HPC Enhanced Bandwidth Kit, we would like to present two further DDR3-1333 kits to you. The memory packages from Aeneon and Kingston have an overall capacity of 2 GB (2x 1 GB) and belong… Go To Full Article

Noctua shows off Socket 1366 Mounting Kit for their CPU Coolers

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Furthermore, we've shown a prototype of our new SecuFirm2™ mounting system for Intel's new socket 1366 (Nehalem/Bloomfield): The new mounting kit is designed for maximum security and convenience and will be backwards compatible with all Noctua CPU coolers since 2005.… Go To Full Article

Wanted by ICY BOX: the Penalty King 2008

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Wanted by ICY BOX: the Penalty King 2008 ICY BOX 2008 Soccer Cup: online competition with lots of precious prizes; value more than 10,000 Euro – daily from June 9 to June 29 –… Go To Full Article

Audi Q5 to boast NVIDIA-powered interface

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Audi's next-gen Multi-Media Interface (MMI) technology will debut in the new Audi Q5 compact crossover arriving later this year. Built by Harmon/Becker Automotive Systems, it is reportedly going to set benchmarks for automotive navigation, communication, and wide-screen entertainment. Go To Full Article

AMD X3 and X4 Overclocking Ace Up Its Sleeve?

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AMD has pulled a rabbit out of its hat to increase the performance of its existing Phenom triple-core (8000-series) and quad-core (9000-series) processors. Six "hidden pins" on the processors and chipsets are the secret, which, our sources told us, will… Go To Full Article

Double HDD Rack eSATA and USB

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We have in our hands now the latest version with double HDD! So performance later changed nothing (apart from a USB where the flow is shared between the two HDD), since everyone has taken its e-sata (attention that your machine… Go To Full Article

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