No Plans to Lower Quad-Core Pricing by Intel

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Even though there are not a lot of single-core chips in Intel’s microprocessor lineup now, quad-core processors are not going to become really affordable soon enough. After Intel introduces its new 45nm central processing units in January, 2008, the company… Go To Full Article

[M] Entry level VGA round-up, 7 Geforce 8400GS compared

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Home users and budget minded enthusiasts have been getting watered down version of high end hardware for years now, the latest Geforce 8 series recently got the same treatment, with NVIDIA introducing the 8400GS part, this lowly priced VGA card… Go To Full Article

Hillbilly How-to: Practical uses for your old computer pieces

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Computers are good for many things -- I use mine mostly for listening to compact discs, playing that awesome pinball game, and checking the finishing times at -- but did you know they can be just as useful when… Go To Full Article

Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat Demo Released

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Yahoo! Games now offers the promised demo for Call of Duty 4: Modern Combat, Infinity Ward's upcoming military shooter sequel (thanks Steve). A free Yahoo! Games account is required to access the download, which is mirrored on 3D Downloads,,… Go To Full Article

10 tips for improving your wireless network

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If Windows ever notifies you about a weak signal, it probably means your connection isn't as fast or as reliable as it could be. Worse, you might lose your connection entirely in some parts of your home. If you're looking… Go To Full Article

Crysis DX9 vs DX10 in-game screenshot comparison

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Crytek has released the four following screenshots of a Crysis island, running at various detail levels. Go To Full Article

Quad-Core Phenom Models and Clock Speeds Revealed

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Phenom FX-82 will be clocked at 2.6GHz or higher while the faster FX-8x model could hit 3GHz. FX-82 DVT samples will be available in Q4 while production will kick off in Q1 2008 while FX-8x DVT sample and production is… Go To Full Article

Catalyst 7.10 Are Out

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This release of Catalystâ„¢ introduces Adaptive Anti-Aliasing support for the ATI Radeon X1000 Series of products. Adaptive Anti-Aliasing substantially improves image quality by anti-aliasing transparent textures. Software Crossfire support for the ATI Radeon HD 2600 and ATI Radeon HD 2400… Go To Full Article

Russian Viagra and Penis Enlargement Spammer Murdered

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Apparently the current champion of v1*gr4 spamming solicited some of the wrong email boxes. Alexy Tolstokozhev was recently found murdered in his palatial spam-bought estate near Moscow. The implications of this hands on method of system administration are staggering.… Go To Full Article

Hard times for hard drives: US may ban popular imports

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The International Trade Commission (ITC) has announced that it plans to begin an investigation into several companies that either make or use certain hard drives. In a statement issued yesterday, the ITC said that the hard drives in question are… Go To Full Article

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