8 Ways to Speed Up Windows 7

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Remember when you first used Windows 7 for the first time? Do you miss how zippy and fast it ran? Windows 7's long-term performance is much improved over Vista or XP, but it can still be bogged down. There are… Go To Full Article

So You SNAFU’d Your Computer? What Now?

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If you know how to fix computers, have ever put a computer together, or can type faster than your aunt Edna, it’s a good chance someone in your family has asked you for help when their computer becomes something for… Go To Full Article

Intel to Ramp Up Sandy Bridge Aggressively on Desktop Market

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Intel Corp.’s ongoing transition to 32nm manufacturing process and Nehalem/Westmere micro-architecture products can be called pretty aggressive as the company is offering its latest chips targeting different price ranges and performance levels. However, sources close to Intel claim that the… Go To Full Article

Intel Reshapes Solid-State Drive Roadmap: 25nm Flash Everywhere

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Intel Corp. has redesigned its solid-state drives roadmap in a bid to utilize more flash memory produced using 25nm fabrication technology at IM Flash foundries. The company also decided not to use multi-level cell (MLC) flash memory for Enterprise-series solid-state… Go To Full Article

Catalyst 10.6 released

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AMD has now rolled out the version 10.6 Catalyst drivers which work with Radeon HD 2000, HD 3000, HD 4000 and HD 5000 series desktop cards and Radeon HD 3000 and HD 4000 series IGPs, and bring more features as… Go To Full Article

YouTube Releases Video Editor

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Time to try it out Go To Full Article

$88 Android tablet spotted in the wild

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A very reasonably priced Android-powered tablet was recently spotted making the rounds at Computex 2010 in Taiwan. But does the 5-inch device have what it takes to make it in the crowded and Apple iPad-dominated marketplace? Well,… Go To Full Article

DVD Drive Window Mod

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The goal of this mod is to put an acrylic window on to the top of a drive so you can see it operating. Obviously, this is pointless unless you can see the top of the drive in the case,… Go To Full Article

Zero day flaw for Windows XP exploited

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A ZERO DAY FLAW in Windows XP that was outed last week by a Google engineer is being exploited. According to media friendly Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at the insecurity firm Sophos a compromised website is… Go To Full Article

Monitor your Hard Drive’s Health with Acronis Drive Monitor

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Are you worried that your computer’s hard drive could die without any warning? Here’s how you can keep tabs on it and get the first warning signs of potential problems before you actually lose your critical data. … Go To Full Article

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