[M] ADATA S511 60GB 6Gb/sec Solid State Drive Review

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The ADATA S511 60GB SSD offers high read/write transfer rates on SATA3, making it a product to consider when deciding to boost the overall system performance. It comes with the Sandforce SF-2281VB1-SDC processor and 25nm NAND flash, ADATA offering for… Go To Full Article

Win a XFX HD6950 DD, HD6870 DD & HD6790 DD with Kitguru!

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XFX have created one of the best performing coolers on the market, combining low noise emissions with great cooling efficiency under gaming load. The HD 6790DD, HD6870 DD and HD6950 DD won our highest award, and XFX… Go To Full Article

Boxee Box adds music streaming from Spotify, just press play

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Today the Boxee Box becomes the next media streamer in the US (after the WDTV Live and Live Hub) to add support for Spotify's streaming music library. Assuming you have a premium subscription at the ready (free and unlimited passes… Go To Full Article

Prime Time For WebGL: Google Maps Gets an Upgrade

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So far, WebGL has not had a mainstream application. While we knew that it could make graphics look much smoother on a screen, provided you use a browser that supports WebGL. Go To Full Article

Google to launch MP3 store in coming weeks?

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Details are still scarce here, but the New York Times is reporting that Google is about to launch a new MP3 store, as part of its ongoing foray into the music business. According to sources within the industry, the platform,… Go To Full Article

Hulu Owners Call Off Sale

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I guess now that no one is interested in buying Hulu anymore, the company has taken itself off the market. That has to be a bit depressing. "Since Hulu holds a unique and compelling strategic value to each of its… Go To Full Article

ATtiny Hacks: Simple USB temperature probe

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Based off a similar temperature monitoring example called EasyLogger, his temperature probe uses an LM34 temperature sensor, which is wired to an ATtiny45. The ATtiny communicates with his computer using the Ruby-USB library in conjunction with a bit of Ruby… Go To Full Article

The Windows 8 Task Manager

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As we mentioned during the Windows 8 keynote at //build/, every 15 years or so we choose to update Task Manager. Of course that was said in jest as we have incrementally improved the utility in just about every release… Go To Full Article

Steampunk PC Keyboard Hack

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It is well known that this gray, black or white commodity input devices made of plastic, do not offer any style and comfort in the use of calculators! To change this and my daily life in a work environment,… Go To Full Article

Removing Windows 8 “Secure Boot” Feature for Easy Dual Booting

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1. Install Windows 8 2. Install Ubuntu(in my example) via Wubi(may work with grub too, don’t know) 3. INstall EasyBCD inside windows 8, select Ubuntu as default OS. 4. Reboot. The fancy OS selection is… Go To Full Article

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