Evercool HPK-10025EA Intel Heatsink Review

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The Evercool HPK-10025EA heatsink uses a simple arrangement of swagged aluminum fins over four 6mm diameter copper heatpipes, connected by a short distance to the CPU. The entire heatsink stands 65mm tall and weighs a feathery 320 grams. The four… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake SpinQ Heatsink Review

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Thermaltake's SpinQ heatsink is undeniably good looking. It stands 152mm tall and is made from nickel plated aluminum fins soldered over six copper heatpipes. creates an eleven-sided helix that resembles a cheese grater on steroids. Nestled in the middle is… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling ARCTIC MX-2 & MX-3 Thermal Paste Review

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Creating a perfect cooling setup is often all about the cooler, chassis and fans with users spending a great deal of money to not only acquire high end heatsinks and thermal designs but also to keep the noise levels down.… Go To Full Article

Nvidia GTX295 Single PCB (Zotac) Graphic Card Review

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The Nvidia GTX295 Single PCB from Zotac arrived Technic3D. The Graphic Card with new PCB Design. Technic3D will check the GTX295 in the following Review with a Resolution from 1920x1200, 1680x1050, the real Power Consumption and many more, against other… Go To Full Article

Thermaltake TR2 1000 Watt Power Supply

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Thermaltake has been the leader in a number of the top of the line power supplies on the market, including the Thermaltake Toughpower Series power supplies. Many PC enthusiasts use mid or high end computer components from Quad-Core processors to… Go To Full Article

Zotac MAG ION Nettop

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Zotac is well known for their graphic cards, but the company goes one step further and applies their engineering skills we have come to love in form of their mini-ITX boards and poured them into their first NVIDIA ION Nettop.… Go To Full Article

UK Manager Says Major Labels Steal More Music Than Filesharers

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The former frontman for the UK band Orange Juice was recently denied the right to post his own song on Myspace due to copyright confusion. Turns out a major label claimed to own it, essentially stealing it. His wife and… Go To Full Article

AMD and NVIDIA Employees Fighting On Twitter

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I stumbled across this epic Twitter battle between NVIDIA's Igor Stanek and AMD’s Ian MCNaughton. I recommend opening both their Twitter pages and scroll down them simultaneously. I’m amazed that neither company has stepped in and stopped the festivities.… Go To Full Article

Nvidia Halts Development of Core-Logic Sets

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Nvidia Corp. on Wednesday officially confirmed what was obvious long ago: it would stop development of its chipsets, which were quite popular several years ago. Due to unclear future of Nvidia’s positions on Advanced Micro Devices’ and Intel Corp.’s platforms,… Go To Full Article

Stolen Hotmail Data Finds Simple Passwords

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IDG reports that security researcher Bogdan Calin analyzed the 10,000 stolen Windows Live Hotmail usernames and passwords that were leaked late last week and found that users are still using simple, common and downright stupid passwords. 1. 123456 Go To Full Article

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