AMD Promotes Bob Rivet to Chief Operations and Administrative Officer

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AMD Promotes Bob Rivet to Chief Operations and Administrative Officer — Executive appointments realign leadership team responsibilities to further focus on AMD’s key priorities — SUNNYVALE, Calif. -- October 24, 2008 --AMD… Go To Full Article

Comparative Tests of Inexpensive Quad-Core Processors

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While we are waiting for the Intel Core i7 bestsellers to come out, we decided to take a closer look at inexpensive quad-core processors that get more and more popular these days. In our today’s test session we will compare… Go To Full Article

Intel talks laptop cooling, power saving

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Eden showed an animation of a jet engine to prove his point. The inside of a jet engine can get as hot as 1,000 degrees centigrade. But the jet engine's wall must be kept cool because it is connected to… Go To Full Article

Asus P6T Deluxe Intel Core i7 motherboard Tested

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We can’t give the game away about the performance of the P6T Deluxe - well, not for a couple of weeks, anyway - so let’s just say that the quad-core Core i7 which we set to 2.66GHz then 3GHz crunched… Go To Full Article

NVIDIA Grabs for 30% of Integrated Graphics Market

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For a long time Intel has enjoyed significant domination in the notebook integrated graphics world. Its integrated graphics chips were so popular that they alone gave Intel the lead in the graphics market. NVIDIA, the leader in… Go To Full Article

ECS A790GXM-A Motherboard

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What is better, an inexpensive model from a company that offers a complete range of products, including those High-End models for over $300, or a relatively expensive well-rigged model from a manufacturer that specializes in Low-End? On the one hand,… Go To Full Article

SLI on X58 Tested with GTX 280 and 3DMark Vantage: it works!

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We have decided to check out some quick X58 SLI action ourselves on the 3DMark Vantage and compared a single GTX280 vs GTX280 SLI on the ASUS P6T Deluxe X58 motherboard and Core i7-965 XE processor. Go To Full Article

Intel first Larrabee will have 48 cores

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It looks like the first version of Larrabee is supposed to be a graphics chip with 48 cores, and not with 80 cores as most originally expected. Obviously, there might be some limitations due to the manufacturing process and the… Go To Full Article

Asus has scented laptops

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In a Lynyrd Skynyrd tribute post not too long ago, we first introduced you to ASUS’s new line of F6V scented notebooks, all while resisting calling them Smell-EeePCs. The notebooks are available in floral blossom, morning dew, blue ocean, and… Go To Full Article

eVGA X58 Motherboard Sneak Peak

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While it has traditionally dabbled in motherboards with Nvidia chipsets, EVGA is cooking up a new mobo based on Intel's next-gen X58 Express chipset. In case you haven't been paying attention lately, the X58 will complement Intel's Core i7 processors… Go To Full Article

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