AMD Phenom Naming Scheme Leaked?

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There are two 45nm Deneb CPU will be available at 8-Jan 2009, with AM2+ and DDR2 support. These two CPU will be named Phenom ‡UX4 940 and Phenom ‡UX4 920, both of them have 6MB L3 cache and 125W TDP. Go To Full Article

Corsair’s Gaming Performance Analysis - 6GB vs. 3GB

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With the introduction of the Intel Core i7 processor series, which features an on-die, triple-channel memory controller, consumers now have a choice between 3GB (3 x 1GB) and 6GB (3 x 2GB) system memory densities. Go To Full Article

Pirates Start to “Replicate” Blu-Ray Movies

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The Blu-ray disc format was designed in order to stop software pirates from creating and selling movies in high-definition resolution. But while the copyright protection technologies do affect user experience and make consumers download new firmware, they do not stop… Go To Full Article

OCZ NIA: Reading Thoughts in the Privacy of Your Home

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In fact, I have to explain, NIA cannot really read your thoughts in the full meaning of this word: human brain is extremely complex and the “electrical noise” it creates cannot be completely decoded yet even with the latest and… Go To Full Article

Intel Wolfdale vs. AMD Agena

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We proceed with our series of reviews devoted to analyzing various factors that affect performance of modern x86-64 processors. In this review we'll try (as far as it's possible) to answer the question about performance of a single processor core… Go To Full Article

AMD Dragon platform’s plan and performance exposed

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After trying “spider” platform consisting of Phenom processor, 790FX motherboard and HD3800 series graphics card, AMD decides to bring out Spider’s successor -”Dragon”. “Dragon” includes Phenom II processor, 790 series motherboard and HD4800 series card. Go To Full Article

NVIDIA prepares 55nm GTX 260 with custom cooler from CoolerMaster

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NVIDIA is in works of a new 55nm GTX 260. Very little informatoin is available right now about the availability and what new features are available. The major change would be the migration from 65nm to 55nm that should cool…

USB 3.0 specification is now finalized

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It is anticipated that initial SuperSpeed USB discrete controllers will appear in the second half of 2009 and consumer products will appear in 2010, with adoption continuing throughout 2010. The first SuperSpeed USB devices will likely include data-storage devices such… Go To Full Article

Swiftech announces new Water-Cooling gear

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AMD: Shanghai CPU Presentation in Berlin

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Even though the launching of “Barcelona” (previous server processor from AMD) was in city Barcelona, Spain, “Shanghai” was launched in Berlin, Germany, and not on Far East (as we expected). Presentation opened Ian McNaughton and opening word continued Emilio Ghilardi,… Go To Full Article

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