Analysing NVIDIA G8x Performance in Modern Games

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This article was initially intended to continue our analysis of shader units and to show how their number affects NVIDIA G8x performance in modern games. We planned to change parameters of a G80-based graphics card to make it resemble the… Go To Full Article

HD3850-3870 reviews second roundup

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AMD/ATI have been a bit quiet of late but thankfully the silence has broken. We're taking a look at their HD3850 and seeing what it can really do. "PowerColor, unleash… Go To Full Article

The Search For Good Mac Software

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I am now in my second week of working in OS X on the new Mac Pro. Last week was my first full work week working under OS X. I can tell you that it was very different. I am,… Go To Full Article

Free & Easy (software)

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How much money can you spend on PC software? £100? £200? £550? £1000? How about nothing? Curious? If so, our guide to freeware software will show you the way. Go To Full Article

Apevia X-Jupiter Junior S Type Case

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The X-Jupiter Junior S Type case has some big features that are defiantly worth mentioning. First and foremost there is a very noticeable 250mm intake fan. Additionally, it has a tool-less design, sturdy construction and sharp looks. Go To Full Article

Coolink Silenator

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With the increasing heat output of the modern cpu, cooling solutions have been getting larger, more elaborate, and louder. While some may not mind the 50+ dB noise output by the current generation of heatsink/fan units, others, like this reviewer,… Go To Full Article

HE-Computer SilentEdition08 Review

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The HE-Computer SilentEdition08 arrived Technic3D. The new PC come with Intel Core 2 Duo E6750@3,2 GHz CPU (Thermalright Cooling Heatsink), 2GB takeMS Ram, MSI Graphic Card 8800GTS OC and Abit IP35 Pro Mainboard. More Power for Gaming and this very… Go To Full Article

Patriot PDC24G6400LLK DDR2-800 4GB Memory Kit Review

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In this review PCSTATS is pleased to be testing a new 4GB pair of Patriot Memory's DDR2-800 PDC24G6400LLK memory. The dual channel memory kit is rated to run at DDR2-800/PC2-6400 speeds with impressive 4-4-4-12 memory timings! Go To Full Article

ECS P35T-A Motherboard Review

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ECS has had some pretty darn decent motherboards since their NForce 5 chipsets first arrived. Now that we're on to Intel Core 2 Duo, ECS opted to go for a more feasible LGA 775 motherboard built around the Bearlake P35… Go To Full Article

EVGA 8800GT OC Edition Review

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For customer service EVGA offers some nice features of a lifetime warranty, step-up programm, and direct RMA service to bypass the store you bought it from as they boast when you open the box. The bundle includes the full version… Go To Full Article

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