[M] Stabilizing your memory overclock on Core i7 platform

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In today's short article, we'll have a look at the effect of just one memory timing, the Back-to-Back Cas Delay timing, which seems to be one of the more important timings both performance and stability-wise. If you're looking for a… Go To Full Article

NZXT Panzerbox ATX Gaming Case Review

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If you are a gamer you probably tend to go to a lot of LAN parties. I have been going to LAN parties for quite a while now and something I've done over the years is keep on trying to… Go To Full Article

Corsair® Launches New 128GB and 64GB Performance Series Solid State Drives

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Fremont, CA. June 25th, 2009. Corsair®, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer memory, power supplies and flash memory products, including solid-state drives, today announced two new products in its Performance Series SSD family: the P128 and P64 high-performance solid-state drives. Go To Full Article

Ecs X58b-a

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The ECS X58B-A delivers a little of the good, the bad and not so much on the ugly. The board is a full featured board that at stock speeds delivers performance on par with some hardware that costs as much… Go To Full Article

Asus HD 4770 Formula Edition

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Asus has long been considered one of the top manufacturers of all kinds of PC components, so it comes as no surprise that they have decided to make their own cooler for the brand new ATI HD 4770. They have… Go To Full Article

Cooler Master Real Power M1000 PSU Review

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Cooler Master Real Power 1000W is a high-end PSU with quiteacceptable price. Its stable, power efficient and has extremely good protection and ample opportunity for expansion (connector and power wise). It might not be the very best there is, yet… Go To Full Article

Noctua NF-S12B FLX

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Noctua, makers of silent PC cooling components, sent us their newest fan: the NF-S12B FLX. With silence in mind, the NF-S12B was designed to produce the smallest amount of noise possible, while still pushing enough air to keep your computer… Go To Full Article

IN-WIN Comander 650/750 watt

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Power supplies are everywhere and it seems just about every computer component manufacturer makes one or two. Adding to the mix of the total confusion, is what power supply do we get to use in our computers? The Power Supply… Go To Full Article

Nexus XiR-3500 Copper Edition CPU Cooler

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Can't hear yourself think over the noise of your existing cooler trying to tame the heat from your new i7 CPU? Prehaps Nexus have the answer? Go To Full Article

MSI GX723 Gaming Laptop Review

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A while back we looked at the MSI GT725, a stylish 17 inch notebook containing the powerful Radeon HD4850 and a 2.53GHz dual core processor. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the GX723, a similar laptop but… Go To Full Article

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