HIS HD 4650 iSilence 512 MB

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The HIS HD 4650 iSilence with its passive Zalman cooling solution offers a noise free experience, which is especially important when building a quiet media PC system. On top of that you will also receive a full version of the… Go To Full Article

MSI DKA790GX Platinum (MS-7550) - AMD 790GX Mainboard (DE)

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The MSI DKA790GX Platinum (MS-7550) - AMD 790GX Mainboard arrived Technic3D. The Mainboard with Overclocking functions and AMD 790GX chipset for AMD Phenom II CPUs. See you in the following Review the Phenom II X4 940 @3,5 GHz and the… Go To Full Article

WD Caviar Green 2TB & Seagate Pipeline HD 500GB: Two Very Quiet Drives

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Two drives vie for the title of Miss SPCR Quietest 3.5" Hard Drive 2009. WD's candidate is the first and only (so far) 2TB desktop drive, and happens to be part of their famous Green Power series. Seagate's contestant is… Go To Full Article

NOX Coolbay HX Case Review

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For the first case review at Verdis Reviews, we have a highly promising company that special in PC enclosures and power supplies – NOX-Xtreme. The case we will be looking at today is the Coolbay HX and it offers a… Go To Full Article

Kingston HyperX PC2-8500 4GB Review

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DDR3 has been out for a pretty long time already and even though a majority of enthusiasts currently run systems that utilize DDR3, the majority of systems are still running on DDR2. DDR2 is the mainstream technology… Go To Full Article

Phenom II X3 720BE & CrossFire X Performance

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We are back today with a quick update to an article we did a few weeks ago. That article addressed readership questions about how well the Phenom II X4 940 performed against a similar Intel Core 2 Quad (Q9550 in… Go To Full Article

LG LGenius Innovations Keynote Highlights

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LG introduces some truly genius innovations at a recent conference in Korea.

Factory Overclocked Geforce GTX 260 cards dropping below $200

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Since last week a few very nice price drops have been noticed at Newegg for the Geforce GTX 260 216 SP series; factory overclocked units can now be had for $189. The MSI N260GTX-T2D896-OCv2 for example comes with 655Mhz GPU,… Go To Full Article

OCZ APEX Used for Aligned vs UnAligned ATTO Bench Test

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We have all read by now the excellent SSD article by Anandtech, very few current MLC SSDs work perfect out of the box; one of the major reasons for this is because the partition table is not…

Dutch E-tailer Dollarshops spills the beans on Geforce GTX 275

@ 2009/03/27 read/post comments(0) has the Geforce GTX 275 listed for €249, with the ATI Radeon HD 4890 rumored at €239 it will be a very close price/performance battle for sure! Go To Full Article

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