[M] Danger Den NVIDIA 4101 H20 Water Cooling Kit Review

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Danger Den is certainly a pioneer in the H20 world, and while they have grown their products, they still retain that attention to detail. They offer so many products at their site it is often better to choose a carefully… Go To Full Article

Overclocking Intel's New 45nm QX9650: The Rules Have Changed

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Intel has once again re-energized the overclocking community with the recent release of the Core 2 Extreme QX9650 quad-core processor, the first of many new mobile, desktop, and server CPUs fabricated using their radically new 45nm process technology. Early results… Go To Full Article

Intel to delay 45nm quads - report

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ACCORDING TO A REPORT, Intel has decided to postpone the launch of its 45nm quad-core CPUs because AMD is in such a mess. Digitimes said it learned from motherboard makers that the chippery was scheduled to launch… Go To Full Article

GlacialTech Igloo 5610 Silent and PWM Coolers Review

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GlacialTech describes themselves as "a total thermal solution provider ... committed to using lighter weight materials, lower noise and lower manufacturing cost to deliver superior cooling solutions." They are a global corporation that has offered cooling solutions for companies around… Go To Full Article

In Win Allure Designer Computer Case Review

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At a price of around $100 US the Allure is one of the pricier micro-ATX chassis out there, and it is obviously geared toward female users. However being female myself, I have a bit of advice for the guys –… Go To Full Article

PC Doctor Service Center 6 Review

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The first Item I tested was the the PCI post card. After powering down the system I inserted it into an open PCI slot. After booting the computer up the PCI post card came alive and started running the post… Go To Full Article

Ultra m998

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In terms of build quality, the m998 excels with its brushed aluminum finish and steel reinforced structure. Ultra has really put a lot of thought into the case as seen by the removable motherboard tray which includes part Go To Full Article

GMC Noblesse AVC-S7 Slimline HTPC Case

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GMC (not to be confused with General Motors) is a relatively new company to the U.S. market, but have been producing quality computer products in South Korea for some time now. They have several innovative HTPC cases, and one of… Go To Full Article

SilverStone Temjin TJ10 Premium Enclosure

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We think the Temjin TJ10 is easily the most impressive computer chassis we've reviewed in the last 18 months, let alone VL's lifetime. Every aspect screams quality and if you're looking for a case to impress people, this is it.… Go To Full Article

Patriot Memory PC3-15000 (1866 MHz) DDR3

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Companies are spitting DDR3 out left, right and centre now, and that is something that can only benefit the end user. The more modules that come to us, the cheaper they become. We have already seen the big players hitting… Go To Full Article

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