Tagan PipeRock TG1100-BZ 1100W

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The Tagan PipeRock TG1100-BZ 1100W arrived Technic3D. See you in the following Review from Technic3D the next PSU with modular cable management with colorful housing to avoid wrong connection, 135mm LED Fan, Six 12V rails, 12 Serial ATA connectors, 2x… Go To Full Article

Linspire, the former Lindows, will become part of Xandros

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According to Xandros, the deal was officially signed on June 19, but it appears both companies tried to slip the announcement under the rug. Linspire is a Linux operating system that closely mimics the basic Windows GUI… Go To Full Article

Sigma Shark SP-635 Power Supply

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With this being the second time we have reviewed a Sigma product we have some base expectations from Sigma as a brand since the last unit we reviewed, the SP-700, proved to be a perfectly suitable but not outstanding selection.… Go To Full Article

MSI Wind shipping in "3 to 5 weeks"

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Okay, so we've got hard evidence the Wind is shipping out somewhere in the world, but the latest status check on Amazon reveals that it'll be another 3 to 5 weeks before Americans can indulge. Granted, we've seen these dates… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Accelero TWIN TURBO Released

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Arctic Cooling Accelero TWIN TURBO Released Superior Cooling Solution for High Performance Graphics Cards A new dual-fan VGA cooler Accelero TWIN TURBO, adding a multi-compatible high performance merchandise into their reputable VGA cooler product…

Intel: CUDA Just A Footnote In Computing History

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In a Q&A session after announcing Intel’s 40th birthday, we asked Intel’s senior vice president and co-general manager of Intel Corporation's Digital Enterprise Group, Pat Gelsinger, where he saw GPGPU languages such as CUDA in the future. He said that… Go To Full Article

[M] Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU Cooler Review

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Intel Core 2 Extreme CPU got a special treatment from the Intel thermal management department; a fancy large CPU cooler with 110cm LED fan and copper heat column. How does it compare to the other Intel reference coolers? Is it… Go To Full Article

Intel: an expensive many-core future is ahead of us

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Intel has bad news for software developers. It's been hinted at already, but now the company has stated explicitly: it's not enough for software developers to be targeting dual, quad, or eight cores. No, the future holds tens, hundreds, or… Go To Full Article

Nanotech Produces Bizarre "Flat" Atom, Hailed as Quantum Computing Breakthrough

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Imagine a tiny arsenic atom embedded in a tiny strip of silicon atoms. An electric current is applied. Something strange arises on the surface -- an exotic molecule. On one end is the spherical submerged arsenic atom; on the other… Go To Full Article

AMD is working on PCIe 3.0 support

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It looks like the SB800, a dynamic duo chipset which is a mixture of upcoming RD890 and RS880 chipsets is going to bring PCIe 3.0 support to the world. According to the document we've seen the new… Go To Full Article

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