XFX 850W Black Edition PSU Review

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For quite some time now, the power supply market has been nearly dominated by just one name - Corsair. Forum recommendations have gotten to the point where people are sick and tired of hearing that one name recommended over and… Go To Full Article

Hacked ForceWare 190.62 XP Driver Enables SLI On All Motherboards

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I confirm working SLI on illegal chipset Intel P965 with ForceWare 190.62, and injected ASUS Rampage III Extreme SLI Validation string into DSDT table. ATM I have only pair of 6600LE here, but I think it will work with any… Go To Full Article

ATI HD 5870 Benchmarks Hit The Web

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Quote: Roughly, HD 5870: +10% to +155% over GTX 285…

[M] Intel Core i5 750 Review - Overclocking Phase-Change vs LN2

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Intel's latest CPU is put to the test against their own Core 2/Quad and Core i7 series, as well as AMD's Phenom II. We wrap up the testing with an overclocking session using phase-change and LN2 Cooling. Does the Core… Go To Full Article

Zalman VF2000 LED Hybrid Cooler Review

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There is a well-known aphorism “jack of all trades”, describing a person with multiple skills, but often ironically suggesting that this person has no expert proficiency. However, it shouldn’t be always referred to with irony. Sometimes, a person can handle… Go To Full Article

In-Win Matrix Gaming Case Review

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IN-WIN, computer cases, power supplies, drive enclosures. They are a fairly well known company around here, and while I haven’t reviewed one of their PC cases before, this isn’t the first IN-WIN case I’ve used. When my family needed a… Go To Full Article

Arctic Cooling Alpine 64 Pro CPU Cooler

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Few things are more important than keeping your computer well ventilated and cool. Overheating can lead to your computer turning off on you, sluggish work and worst of all, damaged hardware. One of the principal parts to keep cool is… Go To Full Article

GMC X-22 Middle Tower ATX Case

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Today we are going to review another amazing PC case from GMC which is X-22. In Short GMC X-22 is a standard middle tower ATX PC case with stylish design and fabulous features; half-mirror front panel, digital thermometer, front &… Go To Full Article

Super PI WR broken by i7 !

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Today, the crown has been taken by i7. Prevous record was 6.750 seconds, done with E8600 @ 6650 mhz. One core i7 975 @ 6051 has beaten this score by 0.05 seconds. Go To Full Article

AMD Radeon HD5770 comes in October

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ATI is preparing an addition to its RV870 generation codenamed Cypress and this time we are talking about the card codenamed Juniper that is supposed to sit in between RV740 and RV770 cards. It is supposed to… Go To Full Article

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