ASUS P7P55D EVO: First look in pictures

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The first thing of note is, of course, the new CPU socket, with support for Intel's LGA-1156 CPUs as we've just mentioned. While Intel's "Turbo mode" will only be available on certain processors which utilise this socket, that functionality is… Go To Full Article

DFI launches LANParty BI G41-T33 Motherboard

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DFI launches LANParty BI G41-T33 Motherboard Pursuing top quality and world-class performance, DFI LANParty has launched BI G41-T33 in this month with a quite reasonable price to satisfies the needs of mass consumers for high performance in…

Mushkin Enhanced Europa III SSD Series Launched

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Mushkin Enhanced Europa III SSD Series Launched Because of the groundswell of demand from our customers and a very positive clamor in the press, we have decided to release a third addition to our “Europa”…

Windows 7 "RTM" Builds Aren't the Real Deal

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I’d like to offer up a little insight into the “Release to Manufacturing” (RTM) for Windows 7. Over the past week, there have been many rumors surrounding RTM. We are close, but have not yet signed off on Windows 7.… Go To Full Article

6GB DDR3 kits drop below €100

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We took a look at current memory prices and DDR3 6GB kits are no longer a premium product as their price has dropped below the €100 mark. We are not taking about Kingston's ValueRAM line that has dropped below €80… Go To Full Article

Major Scam At Home Depot Parking Lot!

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I've hesitated to send this but in the end I felt it is my responsibility to do so. Sadly I was the victim of a scam. Please read my story and be on the look out because no one is…

Intel Core i7 870, 850 and Core i5 750 coming soon

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Recently, Intel stated that its next generation socket LGA 1366 Bloomfield and LGA 1156 Lynnfield chips would be branded from high-end to entry-level as Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 respectively. The high-end Core i7 branded chips will share… Go To Full Article

ATI to finalize RV870 in August

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ATI should finalize the development of „RV870“ 40nm DirectX 11 chip at some point in August. This is what our usually well informed sources have confirmed. We are talking about the cards and chips should already be taped out a… Go To Full Article

Sargas AMD single 45nm core this year

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According to some new updates we've seen Sargas AMD single 45nm core, the CPU that should replace many Sempron CPUs is still scheduled for launch in 2009. This CPU should arrive in Q4 2009 and it fits… Go To Full Article

DFI LANPARTY DK X58-T3eH6 LGA1366 Mainboard Review

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The term “dark horse” began as horse racing parlance. A dark horse is a race horse that is not known to gamblers and thus is difficult to place betting odds on. This way it has nothing to do with the… Go To Full Article

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