Phoronix: The year in review for AMD

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At the end of our ATI Year in Review for 2006, we had stated, "next year will be a very interesting time for ATI/AMD Linux users." Looking back upon that statement, it has certainly turned out to be true, but… Go To Full Article

IBM Predicts the next five years of technology

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The end of the year is traditionally a time of looking back and reviewing past events…but in the technology industry, it's also a time when pundits and prognosticators like to make predictions about the future. Many of these visions never… Go To Full Article

Apple Cozies Up To Intel

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Intel's chief executive may have another occasion at which to sport the clean room outfit he donned onstage with Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs at the Macworld conference in January 2006. Two years ago, Otellini handed Jobs a pristine silicon… Go To Full Article

[M] TerraTec NOXON iRadio Network Music Player Review

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The NOXON iRadio is network audio player that lets you enjoy the music from the internet or your hard drive anywhere in the house. We take a closer look and put this compact device through its paces. Time to ditch… Go To Full Article

Asustek Launches Power Efficient Server Board

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Asustek Computer has announced the DSEB-D16 series server board, a 45nm Intel Xeon 5400/5200 processor ready platform, which the company claims is capable of 90%+ power efficiency. Go To Full Article

Turtle Beach Ear Force AK-R8 Headphones Review

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Although I'm the furthest thing from being an audiophile, every so often a new product will reach out and beg me for its attention. Turtle Beach's latest gaming headset is one such product. Although the company is not particularly well-known… Go To Full Article

OCC's Graphics Card Roundup of 2007

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If you have been gaming on a PC for quite some time, you've probably realized by now that the single most important component of your computer for games performance is the graphics card. It is said in the computer games… Go To Full Article

Airborne Internet might bring turbulence

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NEW YORK - Seat 17D is yapping endlessly on an Internet phone call. Seat 16F is flaming Seat 16D with expletive-laden chats. Seat 16E is too busy surfing porn sites to care. Seat 17C just wants to sleep. Go To Full Article

Analyst: 2008 Will Determine high-def content winner

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A clear leader in the battle to be the top next-generation optical disc format could emerge next year as player prices plummet and take of the cost of entry out of the equation, market watcher Understanding & Solutions (U&S) has… Go To Full Article

Peruvian Village Loves the OLPC Project

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The inexpensive laptop computers designed for students in developing nations are beginning to find their way into student's hands. Among developing economies, Peru has placed the biggest order of affordable laptops under the One Laptop Project. With an order of… Go To Full Article

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