Core 2 Duo is 50 per cent of all Intel CPU shipments

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The Core 2 Duo at 65 nanometre in the OEM sector will take 48 per cent of Intel's total shipments in Q3 2007. There will be a lot of Core 2 Duo in the back to school season and later… Go To Full Article

Iiyama launches 24" LCD without DVI - only D-Sub and HDMI!

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Iiyama has launched a new 24in LCD display with 1,920x1,200 resolution, nothing out of the norm here really, but this is the first model from Iiyama to feature and HDMI connector. The ProLite B2403WS as it's called, als features a… Go To Full Article

Intel "Bearlake" X38 Motherboards come in late August

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Intel plans to ship X38 chipsets to its customers who are willing to pay in advance in week 34 the one that starts on 20th of August. This means that a lot of good paying customers will have the chance… Go To Full Article

Budget 5.1 speaker roundup

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Being the technophile that I am, time and time again my friends have asked me which set of speakers they should look into. Most of them have 2.1 speaker systems that came with their computers, so almost anything is an… Go To Full Article

Global broadband prices and speeds revealed

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The least expensive monthly subscription for always-on broadband was in Sweden, where $10.79 (£5.40) per month bought a 256kbps connection. The country with the most expensive entry point for broadband access was Mexico, where it cost $52.36 (£26.18) per month… Go To Full Article

Dell UltraSharp 3007WFP-HC 30" TFT Monitor Review

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Things have moved on a lot since then though and the 30in monitor market is far livelier. Apple is no longer the only competition in this sector, with Dell now having to compete with the likes of Samsung’s Go To Full Article

Tripp Lite SMART1200LCD UPS Review

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I’ve been working long enough in the computer field to know that disaster prevention should be something you worry about before it becomes a real crisis. One of the most common events I see is computer failure due to power… Go To Full Article

Gigabyte Blue Eye Video Card Water Cooler Review

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Gigabyte's Blue Eye GPU liquid cooling kit was relatively easy to install, posted up some great performance and looks pretty cool to boot. I added it to Gigabyte's Galaxy II liquid cooling kit, but it's designed to interface with just… Go To Full Article

GeForce 8800 Ultra vs. Radeon HD 2900 XT

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The hardcore enthusiast with really deep pockets will want more than reference performance, and ASUS doesn't oblige. That, in a nutshell, is the inherent problem of releasing such an expensive product; a stock-clocked GeForce 8800 Ultra, whilst undeniably fast, is… Go To Full Article

HEC Zephyr 650W Power Supply Review

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HEC is a Taiwanese company that focuses primarily on the OEM market. However, HEC does have some products for enthusiasts, and the Zephyr 650W power supply unit is one of them. HEC claims the Zephyr is very stable, so ThinkComputers… Go To Full Article

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