AMD's next-gen Bulldozer is a 128-bit crunching monster

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It is never boring in the world of CPUs. Regardless of who's on top, plans for next generations tend to excite everybody in the eco-system… if you deliver, that is. AMD had a lot of tough times of late, and… Go To Full Article

New Socket AM3 Phenoms appear in online listings

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AMD's next wave of Socket AM3 Phenoms could be getting close to release. At least two online retailers in the U.S. have posted listings for the Phenom II X4 955, which looks to be AMD's fastest quad-core offering yet. The… Go To Full Article

SSD RamDrive ACARD (ANS-9010)

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When we are tried, we can no longer move in point to find a fairly obsolete 10000trs/min Raptor performance. La technologie employée y est assurément pour quelque chose puisque la mémoire vive, initialement utilisée en tant que mémoire système (en… Go To Full Article

5 Stage Phase Change Cooling Cascade Being Build

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We've seen single stage phase chase cooling units go retail, dual stage units build by many enthusiasts, even triple stage units in action at large overclocking events... this one takes the cake though, five stages, whatever temperature he's aiming to… Go To Full Article

User sees Core 2 Duo E8600 go up in flames

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So me and my brother made a server and we where playing on it and we noticed alot of smoke. Then a pop followed by some fire. The CPU is a E8600 core 2 duo and the board was a… Go To Full Article

Intel Clarkdale CPUs Pictured

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The upcoming desktop mainstream CPU from Intel, dubbed Clarkdale, has been seen in pictures. It features a LGA1156 motherboard to work correctly. You can also see a Havendale sample in the pictures, the never released 45nm Dual Core Nehalem. The…

Cogage rebrands Thermalright CPU Coolers

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The TRUE Spirit, is without a doubt Thermalright Ultra-120, but not the Extreme! Only 4 heatpipes (compared to 6 on the eXtreme). High end nonetheless. Go To Full Article

Intel Has Shipped 1 Million Nehalems CPUs

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Despite of tough economic environment, sales of expensive desktops as well as workstations remain on high level, according to Intel Corp., whose chief executive officer said that shipments of central processing units (CPUs) featuring Nehalem micro-architecture have almost reached a… Go To Full Article

Evercool Rifling Fan Review

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The thought of an 80mm fan scares most. Stereotypically they’re regarded as noisy, offer poor airflow and are a waste of space. However, when we suddenly mention 92mm or 120mm fans, our view on these fans becomes rather opposite. So,… Go To Full Article

Seagate Momentus 7200.4 500GB Hard Drive Review

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One of the first things that many notebook users look at upgrading is the hard drive. Most of the notebooks on the market today come with small hard drives and the cost of having the computer manufacturer add a large… Go To Full Article

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