ATI Catalyst 9.4 is now available

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ATI Catalyst™ 9.4 - New ATI OverDrive™ auto-tuning application* * ATI Catalyst 9.4 includes a new ATI Overdrive™ auto-tune application to estimate the over-clocked engine and memory values for ATI Overdrive supported ATI Radeon™ Graphics accelerators * Designed… Go To Full Article

10-Way Thermal Paste Shootout

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When it comes to setting up a new rig, most of us if not all of us, understand that each component plays an important role in the larger system. Skimping on one item can have drastic effects on another, as… Go To Full Article

Fusion-io gets shedloads of cash

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The outfit which has turned out some of the fastest SSD drives on the market has just got a huge injection of cash from investors. Fusion-io, which hires dancing queen Steve Wozniak as its chief scientist has signed a deal… Go To Full Article

Intel X57 chipsets to get new features

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Intel has a nice set of features to introduce with the Q3 launch of its P55 chipset and Lynnfield quad-core CPUs, but it plans to add many features to this and X57 platforms in Q1 2010. P55… Go To Full Article

DIY Multi-Touch Tabletop "Surface PC"

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We've all seen the nifty demos of Microsoft's Surface PC. Now Maximum PC details how you can put together your own multi-touch tabletop PC. The article shows how you can build the cabinet and combine that with a standard PC,… Go To Full Article

Asus M4A78T-E Socket AM3 Mainboard Review

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For many years I only dealt with Intel processors on testbeds, while my home systems were all built exclusively on AMD CPUs. Everything started long time ago with an AMD Athlon 750 Slot A CPU. There was a processor die… Go To Full Article

Acer shows 11.6" One netbook

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The netbook market is about to enter a new era where manufacturers are preparing to launch models with 11.6" displays. After being dominated by 10.1" models for a while, the netbook market is about to grow and further phase out… Go To Full Article

[M] Gigabyte Overclocking Qualification Round 1 EU

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Last year Gigabyte organized their first World Wide Overclocking event in Taiwan. The 2008 event was open for invited overclockers only. This year however, they put up an online entry system. So not only the happy few could participate, but… Go To Full Article

512GB Super Talent SSD now available—for only $1,500

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Toshiba and A-Data have both announced 512GB solid-state drives in recent months. In an odd turn of events, however, Super Talent now claims to be the first with a 512GB SSD that's actually shipping and available. A… Go To Full Article

Intel releases Z550, New Atom at 2Ghz

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Joining the Intel Atom’s first birthday party are two new family members: the Z550 at 2 GHz and the Z515 at 1.2 GHz. The Z550 is the fastest Atom yet, thanks to its clock speed. Feature-wise, it’s… Go To Full Article

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