Video games better than drugs?

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This isn't the first time we've seen video games and VR in particular applied to medicine, but this is certainly the boldest claim we've heard yet. According some research done on chronic pain sufferers up at Simon Fraser University in… Go To Full Article

Gadgets Notebooks Outnumber Desktops in the Consumer Sector

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The writing has been on the wall for years concerning the rise of the notebook computer. Notebooks were once relegated to business professionals and the upwardly mobile types that didn't mind paying $1,000 USD or more to “cut the cord.” Go To Full Article

GeForce 8800GS 384MB Pics & Specs

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The Chinese website Yeston has pics and specs of the upcoming GeForce 8800GS 384MB posted today. The site doesn’t contain a whole lot of info aside from the basic specs and pictures but another site is claiming to have benchmarks… Go To Full Article

The Five Coolest Hacks of 2007

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Hackers are creative folk, for sure. But some researchers are more imaginative and crafty than others. We're talking the kind of guys who aren't content with finding the next bug in Windows or a Cisco router. Instead, they go after… Go To Full Article

Foxconn Electronics May Become World’s Largest Maker of Mainboards

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After Asustek Computer, the world’s largest maker of computer mainboards, was split into three companies on the 1st of January, 2008, Foxconn Electronics, a major contract manufacturer of electronics, has a lot of chances to become the world’s largest maker… Go To Full Article

WirelessHD Interconnection Specification Finalized

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WirelessHD special interest group announced late on Wednesday that the 1.0 specification of the standard that allows wireless transmission of high-definition copyright-protected video had been finalized. Completion of the WirelessHD specification enables CE manufacturers to focus on their WirelessHD-based product… Go To Full Article

BFG Tech 800 Watt Power Supply Review

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If you have never heard of BFG technologies, you have probably been living under a rock (which is good, we all need to get outdoors more often). BFG is a privately held US based company best known for their NVIDIA… Go To Full Article

OCZ ReaperX DDR2-800 4GB & Kingston Hyper X DDR2-1066 2GB

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The DDR2 memory market currently has two major options for consumers using the latest CPUs. Consumers can either go for 2 GB kits of speeds up to 1066MHz, which are priced quite reasonably or 4 GB kits of DDR2-800 with… Go To Full Article

ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe motherboard review

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After a longer than anticipated delay the new Phenom processors saw the public light last November, but unfortunately for AMD not even then things got back to plan. Put in simple terms, instead of getting a full pack of competitive… Go To Full Article

Shuttle SN68PTG5 XPC

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It absolutely does not matter about the system’s shortcomings because it does what it's designed to do, excellently, on the condition that you use the right hardware inside. Plan it out like I did above and you can get yourself… Go To Full Article

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